Today I want to homage the beautiful Formentera`s beaches. I'm in love with this island, the people, the relaxation you can feel there, the white sand and crystal  beaches ... I'd like be there at least a month, but you know that all good things always comes to the end : (

These pictures I took at "Levante" beach, it's precious, right?

I am also showing you my beach outfit. I'm not a really  big fan of dressing up for these occasions. I prefer the shorts  or the hippie clothes that you can wear without worrying about a stain. What do you wear for going to the beach?



Super Retro

It's nothing new that I love vintage clothing. The other day I showed you a Caribbean shirt and today - a very retro shirt that I found in my mother's trunk... I love the cut it has, normally I don't like to show my belly,  but in this summer season everything is allowed, right?




I want to share with you my first bath of the summer! Love Formentera's beach, the water is turquoise and transparent, it is a paradise. I hope to show you more summer pics soon.It isn`t unusual to see me on the beach wearing a striped bikini. Bikinis with striped pattern, are my favorites! XOXO. COLLAGE VINTAGE


you know what TRUE love is? it's when your man waits for you until 4 in the morning, opens the door because you can't find your keys and holds up your hair while you puke your lungs out because you've partied and drank a little too much! HELLO HANGOVER!

speaking of true love: took out these candies for a walk yesterday and i think they got the attention they badly needed!

happy monday guys! i hope you all had a good start to your weeks!


Caribbean Shirt

This shirt has been passed from hand to hand between my family, until one day I was looking in the closet of my mother hunting new vintage treasures, and it again changed hands and became part of my wardrobe. Cheerful, fun and with a caribbean pattern, the shirt  is perfect for the summer!



the location of our photoshoot reminded me so much of the hogwarts express and inspired me to write something private.

we watched the last part of the harry potter series last monday and i am not ashamed to admit that i cried buckets of tears. harry potter was and will be a very important part of my childhood. reading the books, waiting for the film, anticipating for the next book. AHHH. the thrill! it was like i was a part of harry, ron & hermione´s gang. :D my dad couldn´t afford to buy us copies when i was young so we always waited until our friends were finished with theirs and borrowed their books. but since i started earning money of my own, i bought the adult hardcover set and read it million times over and over again.

j.k. rowling´s story of being rejected by a lot of publishing houses before someone believed in her and her genius of a story, is kinda like my life story. DREAM BIG. NEVER GIVE UP.


i tried to pull a barney stinson today! i am sure he´ll be proud.