Valentines Memories

These photos sum up how I spend Valentines: 1. and 2. relax and catching up with blogging 3. wearing my new shoes 4. finally getting a friend for my Nightingale

New In: Fetish Sandals

My huge obsession with designer sandals is under control now that I found the perfect budget alternative that is actually way easier to walk in. I am so proud!


in this very second, i would have been in Paris munching on my Laduree macarons & waiting for my connecting flight to Copenhagen. but i decided to cancel the trip to fashion week yesterday because Miguel has an acute lung infection & mild case of bronchitis. he´s feeling quite better now but i know that if i went, i wouldn´t be able to enjoy the thing anyway. SO I STAYED. luckily, this will not be the last fashion week and i know fashion will wait. still a bit sad though. anyway, as if the fashion gods know that i am not feeling really well, my long awaited Lita Spikes came in yesterday. what is it with shoes and moi? they always lift my spirits up.



NUMERO CINCO. Hello Kitty Vans

my fixation addiction to Hello Kitty has a long history that goes all the way back to my childhood. this cute little kitty has been popular in Asia for as long as i remember and it kinda reminds me of home. so no wonder when i see that my favorite cat is on a pair of sneakers, that i always wanted to buy appears, i didn´t need a second to think if i needed it or not. I JUST DID.

here are some of my favorite items which i recently bought. you would think i am crazy if i show you all the things i´ve been collecting since i was young.



New In: Two is a Company

My Noemi just got a bff called Alla :D


new in my wardrobe!


PAIR NUMERO IV - Isabel Marant Cleane Boots

i have decided to start this small "The Shoe Project" documenting all the shoes i have acquired for 2012 and mini stories behind the acquisition. what do you think? anyway, YESSS finally got a hold of these elusive IM boots. i have been searching them everywhere to a point of no success. so before my trip back home from Berlin Fash Week, i decided to have a quick peek at The Corner, and there they were, sitting perfectly waiting for me.

shoutout to the super friendly sales assistant who was tempting me to get the red ones as well. you rock.