good morning, ladies and gents! :) i just wanted to say thank you to all you lovely people who constantly drop by here at my humble abode and sometimes leaving the nicest comments i could hope for. this blog has turned from a hobby to work.. work that i really enjoy. work that really also pays off well. :) so if it´s winter and snowing outside, there´s no calling in sick at work right? SO HERE YOU GO.. we were so lucky to even get some decent shots. le boyf was shaking while taking these and moi while posing. we were on our way to lunch but since i was dressed up and all, we decided to do a pit stop. but we do what we gotta do! :) xx


i am hoping that it will be a white christmas this year!! <3 xx

Paris is full of surprises



hello guys! how have you been? here´s some paris snapshots from our trip! i kinda created the perfect two- day agenda when coming there. Trocadero, Laduree, Isabel Marant, Champs Elysees, Le Marais. what else do you need? i cannot wait to show you the result of the shoot for New YorkerWhatstrend! they´re amazing!! so catch ya later? xx


you seldom see me in white (except for a white basic shirt with my jeans now and then) but when i go for white, i go all the way! :) i love how romantic this dress is. xx


hello guys!
yesterday, the post man brought this amazing lace dress to my doorstep and as luck would have it, the weather was very cooperative for a quick shoot in my favorite place in the whole wide world!
the christmas party dress dilemma is sorted early this year, what a relief!
ps: and such a shame that i haven´t worn these YSL boots for such a long time.. i still love them so much like the first time i´ve gotten them.


hey guys! as i´ve told you, le boyf & i was on a quick trip to hamburg for an event, and of course to meet up with my friends dustin, oliver and yonas! we partied the night away and spent the whole friday walking around hamburg, drinking coffee, shopping at acne and wishing i had 1900 euros to bring home that DREAM shearling jacket, eating burgers, instagram-ing, and generally just having fun! what i especially love about these blogger events are the people you meet along the way! i can still remember meeting these three cuties for the first time and since then, we´ve become really great friends! i hope the pictures give justice to the two amazing days i´ve spent in hamburg, which by the way is the nicest german city for me! I WILL BE BACK! xx