Girl from Vilnius



my first oreo cake // tea party with this set, which is my all time favorite fleamarket find // fruit salad // sprinkles overload // antipasti plate // an avocado a day keeps the doctor away // gummy everything // HELLO KITTY cookies // vapiano // brunch with my boys // fruit salad part deux // cake time with my homies // lunch // dinner // sushi at the airport // my favorite ice cream // spaghetti bolognese // fruit salad, AGAIN hashtag: food of the day #FOTD it´s been a while since i posted an instagram diary. so this time, i decided to focus on something that i am very passionate about. nope, not shoes (yeah, that being something i am most passionate about) but FOOD! :) my friends think i have an appetite of a bear. i kinda agree. but when you spend 8 hours a day on your feet at work (which i consider my exercise), you would understand why i eat a LOT. if i weren´t a fashion blogger, i would definitely consider food blogging! follow my pig out sessions live here ---> xx


this is what i came home to. it´s pretty for the backdrop i admit, but it is just too friggin cold!!
this suit is another madrid shopping find. so stella mccartney, non?

Stranger in Vilnius


Paris street jewel


Winter in Vilnius


In Paris Boutique