Dear Paris, I have never been to New York but i know that there is no other city that is more beautiful than you.  You are so magical, so enchanting especially in Spring. How much do i love thee? Let me count the ways.. I always feel that certain tingle of excitement every time i get a glimpse of your Eiffel Tower. Every single time. You breathe fashion (home of my favorite person in the world, Madame Isabel Marant) and cheese (oh so good) in every corner.. You never get jealous, mon amour. I may visit other cities and be in love with them for a while but i have always come back running to you and you receive me with open arms. You never fail to amaze me with your secret streets, patisseries (you know i have a sweet tooth) and corners that i discover every time i walk around. Everywhere i look, you exude beauty. My list is endless. You will always be my number one. Love, Me.  


since paris is just two hours away by train from my hometown, and a dear friend was over for a visit, i decided to join her for two days of good food & shopping (well she shopped and i window shopped). it´s always magical there. and it just gets better everytime. xx

Paris street jewel


Stranger in Paris


Colorful stranger in Paris


In Paris Boutique


Stranger in Paris