Boys Stuff

I just love going to the boys sections of stores looking out for cute accessories which can sometimes even be better than the ones made for girls! My last buy - this knitted beanie, I had been looking for one made with thicker wool for a while and voilá, there it was, waiting for me to pick it up from the boys section...

Have a nice weekend!



an animal print jumper, my outfit

As mentioned yesterday, animal print sweaters are invading the high street this fall. I already have mine, and I'm loving it! Funny enough, I really hated them when I was a kid, my mom would have to fight with me just to get me to wear one....let's see what she has to say about this post :P

From all the variations I've seen, I ended up buying this one , I love the fact that it has tacks which makes it a little less childish and goes more with my style. Plus, I love this shade of grey so...what else could I ask for?!



Tres Chic

Good morning to all from Paris! I arrived very late Sunday night after crossing Germany, Luxemburg and Belgium so that makes 3 new countries for me including France :) I have to run now but here is an outfit from last week very similar to what I was showing to the good people of Paris, LOL.

Silk + Leather + Sneakers

We tend to think that tennis shoes are only wearable with casual clothes, but...why not break some rules? Look how great converse shoes looks with the  long silk skirt and a leather jacket. A risky combination, but definitely a winner.
Happy week!!!

✌☮ PAWS UP ✌☮

how was your weekend rockstars? MINE WAS AWESOME! i can´t remember the last time i´ve danced so much! i had the best time with my best friends ever.

ps: i have been living in this shirt for a week now. i don´t know if it´s the print or the "i-stole-this-from-my-boyfriend" feeling. i think i haven´t obsessed over a shirt like this, like EVER. and it matches my RAD boots for crying out loud!

so paws up kleine monsters!


Camel loves Red

Today I show you one of my favorite color combination, camel & red, the perfect couple, don't you think?


In The Wild

I finally found a sport nearby that I love: it is secluded and perfect for playing with the camera.