I've explained my love for dungarees in the last post, and this is a way how I love to combine them on hot summer day's. We all know those day's when you have no idea what to wear because everything seems to hot and not comfortable enough to manage the heat way. One of the best solutions in my opinion is a pair of dungarees like this one from the New Yorker. The thin denim is suitable for the weather and because it's oversized it does not stick to your body!


Denim is always a good idea! Dungarees are making their way back in fashion world and I think it's great! New Yorker have some pretty ones, like these above. They are easy to combine with a simple white tee including other denim pieces.  In particular, I like them in a combination with a checked blouse like it's  shown in the image above. Don't forget that's also a perfect item for outside activities in summer like music festivals ;)



Light blue bikini 12,95 + 8,95 Euro, Pink bikini 14,95 + 5,95 Euro, Printed bikini 12,95 + 8,95 Euro, Blue bikini 14,95 + 8,95 Euro.


Finding a right bikini isn’t an easy thing to do, because it has to fit properly and you also want it to look great! The pattern design and shape of these bikinis from New Yorker collection is ideal,  and adore the prints as well. I always like to have a few pair of bikinis, so I can switch them according to the mood that I’m in.


Summer necklace 5,95 Euro, Cat rings 4,95 Euro, V necklace 5,95 Euro, cosmetic pouches 7,95 Euro, Socks 2,95 Euro, Coral necklace 7,95 Euro.



This summer you are going to need some fine jewels like the SUMMER necklace above, chunky gold necklaces are still hot! And in combination with the letters like the ones I found at New Yorker you don’t need much else to style your outfit. For the chilly nights the cute grey socks are perfect! Combine with the shoes you were wearing, heels and sneakers. The coral necklace is my favorite, because I think coral is one of the best colors you can wear when the sun is shining, nothing more summerish than coral. While visiting the swimming pool, having drinks with friends or hanging in the park you can bring these little make up bags with you. All things you need, like keys and your smartphone, will fit in and besides you will be very fashionable with the colorful and cheerful prints. With these items from New Yorker your summer will be a great one!


Sunglasses 4,95 Euro, Earrings 3,95 Euro, Hat 9,95 Euro, Karl Loves Me tee 6,95 Euro, Skirt 6,95 Euro, Gilet 14,95 Euro, Bikini top 12,95 Euro, Bag 9,95 Euro, Denim shorts 24,95 Euro.


Festival season has started, and with Coachella festival opening the season the beginning looks promising! I’m sure you’ve all seen pictures online covering the people and their great outfits at the festival. After browsing some images,  I instantly got the feeling that I need to find some great pieces for a festival look myself. While looking at the New Yorker website, this fringe bikini top caught my eye - perfect in combination with denim shorts and the cute hat! To give the look that little extra I would wear it with the KARL LOVES ME! tee, which is very funny indeed. Nevertheless, feather earrings, a lace gilet and some aztec printed bag are absolute must haves for the festival season.  Most importantly,  in order to complete the look,  you need to find a cool pair of sunglasses, and the ones in the image above are just perfect. I wish you all lot's of  fun at the festivals you are visiting this year, I hope my little festival style guide helps!


I fell in love with this skirt since the first moment I saw it online, so I was more than happy when I found it in the store the other day. I love the design of the skirt, and also  it is something that will it will never go out of season!


The weather has been amazing here in The Netherlands in the past week for this time of the year! So I immediately took the advantage of it and decided to wear this leather look skirt, which looks way better without tights. Everything I'm wearing is from NEW YORKER (except the bag and shoes), I love the shoulder details of the shirt!