Working out is a (almost) daily routine in my life. I love to spend my free time at the gym! But as a fashion lover, I think a workout is more fun when you’re dressed up. When you’re wearing nice active wear, you’ll be excited to play any kind of sports. New Yorker has great items to make you look fabulous, even if you are sweating.


Watermelons are, besides one of my favorite summer food, also hot. Printed tops are in fashion! And they are a simple way to spice up your denim dungarees. I’m wearing a short pair of dungarees from New Yorker. Great for a hot day in summer!


It’s every women’s dream to wear something new every day, unfortunately this is not exactly how it works for most of us. That’s why I came up with - 1 item, 3 ways to wear -. The key item in these outfits is a faux leather skirt. A (faux) leather skirt is a must have in your wardrobe, because it is a very basic piece that’s easy to combine with a lot of things. I started with a look for a day of work, then a outfit to wear when you’re having a night out and the last one is a more casual, everyday look.


Everything NEW YORKER

I like styling my outfits with simple and light shade colors: grey and white always look good!  You can almost never go wrong when you’re combining these sort of colors together. The glitter shorts  I’m wearing are from New Yorker, they give that little extra to this look. Because of the stretchy material the fit is flattering and comfortable to keep up with a busy day's schedule.


Everything NEW YORKER; Dreams shirt 6,95 EUR, Turtle shirt 9.95 EUR, Skirt 14,95 EUR, Denim shorts 19,95 EUR, Dress 24,95 EUR, Glasses 4,95 EUR, Backpack 14,95 EUR, Espadrilles 7,95 EUR, Scarf 1,95EUR   Choosing your destination for vacations is usually very exciting. But sometimes it can also be difficult, because there are a lot of possibilities. A great way to spend your summer is a road trip! The only thing you need is a car, a good friend and some nice and comfortable clothes.


All items from NEW YORKER. Flamingo bikini; Top 12,95 EUR, Bottom 8,95 EUR, Yellow short; 9,95 EUR, Swimsuit 19,95 EUR, Orange bikini top 12,95 EUR, bottom 8,95 EUR, Sunglasses 4,95 EUR, Sandals 12,95 EUR


If you have the luxury of owning a swimming pool in your backyard, it’s awesome to throw a pool partyyyyy! Besides snacks and cocktails, a must have is a pretty bikini. With these 3 options you can be sure of catching the attention of your friends.


Cropped tops are great wardrobe staple in order to make your outfit  look more casual. This one from New Yorker is super fashionable, because of the number trend printed on the top. I like wearing it with some stretchy shorts like the ones I am wearing in the picture, which are almost in the same kind of red shade. I have also styled the look with the denim blouse and it’s a perfect look to wear for lazy afternoons!