An checked skirt is a must-have this season. It gives a warm feeling, so it's perfect for cold days. I'm wearing this New Yorker skirt with a sweater in the exact same print, very SILLY right ;) To toughen it up a little I've added a rough-looking coat. Shop the look;

ALL NEW YORKER, Sweater; 14,95, Skirt; 14,95, Coat; 49,95.



Clothes all NEW YORKER


In winter I love to wear dark colors even more than I normally do. But I think dark outfits are most beautiful when you wear warm colors. I’m wearing these black items with these cool, dark red shorts. I love the soft material and how they look in combination with the black. The coat is one of my key items for the upcoming cold days. It’s so warm, but still very stylish because of the fake fur collar.


Left; Julien David 860 EURO, Right; NEW YORKER 39,95 EURO   Denim never goes out of style! Same for denim jackets, although speaking about trends the design changes now and then. I love the denim jackets that are in fashion nowadays, loose shape and with some creative extra’s. The jacket you see on the left side is a designer one (made by Julien David and 860€). At New Yorker I found the perfect look-a-like! I think it looks very tough with the skull on the back!




I have a thing for suits! A sweater and skirt in the same color and print look very classy. I don’t think it looks boring at all, instead I feel it’s more interesting to wear items with the same look together. I’m wearing this sweater and skirt from New Yorker combined with sneakers and a little bag in an outspoken color, for that extra touch!


  T-shirts with text are hot! Quotes can be very inspiring, or funny like the Monday, you bastard (I agree). Also, when wearing a t-shirt with a good quote you’ll catch peoples attention immediately ;)


  Knits are musthaves for winter-time! I love the warm & cosy feeling knits give me. Light or dark grey knits like these from New Yorker are very easy to combine. You can actually wear them with everything.


One of my favorite shows as a young girl was The Simpsons! Actually, I still love to see it when it’s on TV. The look of all the Simpsons is so original and fun! So when I saw this tee from New Yorker, I had to have it. Cute right?! I especially love the Little Miss Perfect, really an eye-catcher that makes people laugh when they see your t-shirt.