How to get this casual but great-looking look. To create this perfect 'day' look you need fine basics. A striped shirt, like the one from New Yorker is really a musthave. Same for the ripped jeans, which makes every look casual. And the black hat is also a piece you can't live without during this winter. Perfect for casual looks and also for bad hair days!


All Clothes; NEW YORKER

Black & grey outfits are perfect for winter! Especially on the rainy days, but despite the lack of color they are very classy. I’m wearing a warm and big coat from New Yorker combined with a cool tee with the Coca Cola logo. To make it comfortable I styled it off with leggings, these have a very nice fit!


Sweater and jeans; NEW YORKER

Easy does it! This white sweater and ripped boyfriend-jeans from New Yorker are key items for winter season. They combine with almost everything and what I love, you can wear them in different styles. I’m wearing it casual and basic, but combined with high heels the jeans can also be worn in a feminine way.


  A (faux) leather jacket is such a must have! Nowadays, faux leather looks very real as you can see with this one from New Yorker. Leather jackets give that something extra to simple outfits, but they can also toughen up your look. I overdid it a little, by sitting on a motorcycle. Very though right ;)


A warm, but stylish coat can be a must have we all want to find in winter. A classy, dark blue coat is an item that looks great with everything! The coat on the left side is Valentino, the one on the right side is New Yorker. A perfect example of Budget VS Designer I think! The Valentino is a great investment of course, but 2980€ is an enormous investment. So I would say the New Yorker coat is a great find!


A beanie is perfect for cold days, when actually all you really want is to stay in. But besides this, a beanie is also very stylish. And another benefit, they come in so many different styles. The ones with prints, like the ones above  from New Yorker, are great for cool looks. The knitted ones are perfect for more classy outfits!


NEW YORKER Small bags; 9,95 EUR, 16,95 EUR, 14,95 EUR, 16,95 EUR

We all have one in our bag collection. A small bag which is easy to bring everywhere with you and it doesn't distract you or doesn't bother you when you want to have both hands and arms free. Above is a summary of some of my favourites from the New Yorker....