NEW YORKER Small bags; 9,95 EUR, 16,95 EUR, 14,95 EUR, 16,95 EUR

We all have one in our bag collection. A small bag which is easy to bring everywhere with you and it doesn't distract you or doesn't bother you when you want to have both hands and arms free. Above is a summary of some of my favourites from the New Yorker....


Both coats are from the New Yorker, Price; 79,95 EUR.   Everybody who follows streetstyle photo's now and then must have be farmiliar with the pink coat. I have seen it coming by several times and I have started to like this trend. When I was going through the new fall collection of the New Yorker I discovered these two coats, which are perfect examples of this trend!

Super easy!


Most of you who are following my looks already know that I have a weakness for printed shirts from the men's department. It seems to be that the prints of the men's department are always much more interesting that women's shirts. I have found a new favourite from the New Yorker!!






When I saw this jacket in the store, I knew I had to add it to my wardrobe! It is the perfect every day jacket, to wear with casual outfits, like a skinny jeans or just a normal black pant. This jacket is one of the first items I have bought for this fall, easy to combine and a good timeless item!


Working out is a (almost) daily routine in my life. I love to spend my free time at the gym! But as a fashion lover, I think a workout is more fun when you’re dressed up. When you’re wearing nice active wear, you’ll be excited to play any kind of sports. New Yorker has great items to make you look fabulous, even if you are sweating.


Watermelons are, besides one of my favorite summer food, also hot. Printed tops are in fashion! And they are a simple way to spice up your denim dungarees. I’m wearing a short pair of dungarees from New Yorker. Great for a hot day in summer!


It’s every women’s dream to wear something new every day, unfortunately this is not exactly how it works for most of us. That’s why I came up with - 1 item, 3 ways to wear -. The key item in these outfits is a faux leather skirt. A (faux) leather skirt is a must have in your wardrobe, because it is a very basic piece that’s easy to combine with a lot of things. I started with a look for a day of work, then a outfit to wear when you’re having a night out and the last one is a more casual, everyday look.