The weather has been amazing here in The Netherlands in the past week for this time of the year! So I immediately took the advantage of it and decided to wear this leather look skirt, which looks way better without tights. Everything I'm wearing is from NEW YORKER (except the bag and shoes), I love the shoulder details of the shirt!


Love this perfect comfortable sweater trend of the moment, like this sweatshirt from New Yorker - perfect for the lazy days when you are in the mood to wear something comfortable but still fashion approved! I've picked this sweater up at the New Yorker store two weeks ago, and while I was there I also got it in black because it's definitely a piece I will wear quite often!


Everything New Yorker.

I picked up these new items at the store last week, I love this motorcycle jacket which is also available in black but since the spring season is coming up soon I decided to go with the light version! I've combined it with a black corset and white skinny jeans, can't wait for spring/summer season to get rolling.


The last denim jacket I've worn is probably a vintage piece from Levi's a couple of years ago. When I saw this denim jacket in New Yorker store, which is perfectly fitted around the waist compare to the the vintage denim jackets that won't do any good for your figure, I needed to have it! I've combined it with some black leggings and a tanktop which make the outfit look a bit more vintage inspired.


Finally, the new spring collection hit  New Yorker stores! I am in love with this leather look shirt with lace details on the bottom. The sweater is from the men's section, which I also bought in the one other colour combination, just as the skirt which I also got in black! Unfortunately the weather is not spring proof yet, but untill then I can wear this look with some black tights underneath.


Denim jacket 39,95, Jeans 29,95, Shirt 9,95. Everything New Yorker except the heels.

  I love T-shirt with prints, especially those which reminds me of something familiar from the past. For example, the t-shirt above gives me a good vibe and memories of Ninja Turtles – a fictional team of four teenage turtles named after Renaissance artists, I still remember being consumed by the TV screen and following the story line of these heroes weekly. That being said, I can’t wait to get my hands on this T-shirt and style it as a casual outfit with focus on top and heels.


Black body con dress; 19,95, Bra's 12,95

I love New Yorker  underwear collection, because the signature style is very feminine and due the versatility of the collection there is always something that fits your own style. I always love the minimal but still a bit sensual items. Like the black body con dress that I've worn in a couple posts below!