A classic coat will never go out of fashion! Especially this one from New Yorker. A dark blue coat is a must have, because it combines very easily and it looks warm and always stylish. I choose to wear it with basic items, so the look is minimal and clean. The way I love my outfits the most!


All clothes NEW YORKER!

As you probably could already guess this faux leather jacket from the NEW YORKER is one of my favourite coats this fall. It pretty much goes with everything, but I love it with this cute green hat and camouflage blouse.


Yes! Finally got my hands on this Simpsons skirt! Cool right? I'm a big fan of the Simpsons, so I loved this tee. I thought it was nice to spice it up a little with the patent leather skirt.


Love this blouse from the NEW YORKER, it is one of those pieces which are easy to combine. Just wear it with some skinnies and you are done!


The aztec print reminds me of festivals. Summer, dancing and having fun! The aztec print is a trend that makes your outfit look sparkling immediately. I love little accents, like this blouse from New Yorker (€24,95) with aztec print on the shoulder.


From left to right; 14,95, 16,95, 19,95. The camouflage print is in fashion for a few years already. Nowadays, it comes in different colors and textures. Since mixing prints is hot, I think Cara gives the perfect example. Mix one of these blouses/sweaters from New Yorker with another printed item. The second blouse is absolutely my favorite. It would look great with black jeans and biker boots, don’t you think?

GET THE LOOK! Mila Kunis

Shirt; 9,95 Eur, Jeans; 29,95 Eur, Shoes; 14,95 Eur, Bag; 9,95 Eur. GET THE LOOK! Mila Kunis is wearing the perfect look for days when you don't have something plannend, but still want to look great. New Yorker has the perfect items to copy this look. All you need is this cool Batman tee, a nice jeans, a good pair of comfortable shoes and a cute little bag. Very casual, but so fashionable right?!