AMISU shirt, trenchcoat and bag // ACNE jeans // ALEXANDER WANG shoes

hey guys!

have been enjoying my summer vacation maybe a little too much (thus the lack of posts) but i am back and just in time for my favorite season of the year, FALL.

time to pack those denim shorts and cropped tops and unpack gorgeous coats and blazers!

what´s your favorite trend for fall?





growing up in the philippines, basketball is a huge part of our culture. add that to a 7 year older brother whom we would watch playing at local leagues and had power over the tv remote, i know my NBA quite well. :)
while you guys had nick carter posters over your bed, i had the bulls' big three (michael jordan, scottie pippen and dennis rodman).
but as michael jordan retired and then came back for the wizards, i had developed an "obsession" with the kings. with jersey number 4 particularly.
LONG STORY SHORT, here´s me digging up old jerseys from my collection and combining it with my current obsessions.
SPORTS LUXE, people!


hey guys!
just a quick post to show you my outfit yesterday which is basically composed of my current favorites.
the top, the jeans (FITS LIKE A GLOVE, OMG!), the bag and these sunnies!
also a self reminder to eat less, run more.


HEY GUYS! how have you been? the sun has finally decided to come out and play! crazy how this affects my mood and the pictures on this blog. :) i am not wasting any second inside so catch ya later! off to lunch!



it´s not a secret that i am... old.. in 3 years, i will hit the dreaded 3-0 mark. eek. anyway, i don´t know what, where and how you cool kids these days roll but when my twitter & instagram timeline were suddenly filled with the hashtag YOLO, can´t help but really feel old. granny here didn´t get it. i had to honestly google to understand. i don´t know if i can still pull this swag (another term that was very puzzling to me) off but You indeed Only Live Once, so why the hell not?  xx


hello guys! it was literally a winter wonderland over here for the past days. everywhere i look, snow.. we were playing a mean snowball fight after these photos with miguel. so much fun! so up until i got to post these, the snow has melted and the wonderland turned into muddyland. anyway, i dug up this neoprene top from the back of my closet. so perfect for freezing weather!



i have dreamt of an ACNE suit since forever and finally the moment arrived when i opted for the "right" thing instead of fun shoes. it´s either i am growing up (read: getting old) or there are really not much fun shoes at the moment (which i highly doubt, btw).