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Last outfit we shot in Barcelona, wearing my fav leather skirt by Gestuz!    [ white shirt | New yorker | leather skirt | Gestuz | sneakers | Adidas | bag | Celine trio | watch | Michael Kors ] > click above to get the product <
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Everything NEW YORKER; Dreams shirt 6,95 EUR, Turtle shirt 9.95 EUR, Skirt 14,95 EUR, Denim shorts 19,95 EUR, Dress 24,95 EUR, Glasses 4,95 EUR, Backpack 14,95 EUR, Espadrilles 7,95 EUR, Scarf 1,95EUR   Choosing your destination for vacations is usually very exciting. But sometimes it can also be difficult, because there are a lot of possibilities. A great way to spend your summer is a road trip! The only thing you need is a car, a good friend and some nice and comfortable clothes.

Wedding – Sonia, Berlin


Piazza degli Affari – Giotto & Patricia, Milan


Cozy corner

I have been in Amsterdam the past few days for three shoots, meaning a busy and hectic weekend. I love sleeping in my own bed (don't we all) and I have to say I miss our lovely new home. We have created this little corner of plants and flowers (for some I still have to buy a vase) which is a perfect addition to the rest of the interior, which is pretty minimal. We found the holder for the plants at Ikea, from a special collaboration line, luckily it was in sale! When it comes to the plants, I chose plants that do not need much water, since I either always forget or am away from home. When it comes to the orchids, nobody can resist those right?


little white dress

New Yorker dress

  On such a hot day all I want to wear is a bikini. Well, unfortunately that is not an appropriate outfit for work, hehe. So, I wanted to wear a dress - instead of shorts, because they will only stick on your body and will make you sweat even more. I chose to wear out my new pretty white dress from New Yorker and combined it with my new sandals (which I bought in Croatia), a brown bag and my brown Prada sunnies. A very very simple summer look, perfect for such hot days…    

Summer salad: kale

While the sound of a kale salad doesn't appeal to all, this version is definitely worth I try. I will confess that I'm not a kale eater myself but once I had a bite of this I was sold. It is a perfect salad for that hot summer day and for me a perfect slide away from my regular tuna salad (love tuna salad). Here are the ingredients that you are going to need: 8 ounces of kale 1/2 pound of strawberries 4 medium radishes, sliched thin 2 ounces feta cheese (optional) 1/2  pistachios (or walnuts or pecans) 1/2 almonds 1 tablespoon honey Sea salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste.

Slice/peel and prep all the ingredients and put them in a bowl. Toss and add honey, salt and pepper and for the spicy lovers a table spoon of chili. Enjoy!