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Enough of all the black, it's time for grey! This outfit will look awesome on a regular day while shopping or going to school.   All items are available at the New Yorker store.   contact:


All clothes NEW YORKER!

As you probably could already guess this faux leather jacket from the NEW YORKER is one of my favourite coats this fall. It pretty much goes with everything, but I love it with this cute green hat and camouflage blouse.


Because Antwerp was a bit boring (shopwise) we went to Maastricht the next day. Such a beautiful city, and I was finally able to visit Stijl Wyck. And ofcourse spend some quality time with the boy.   baukjen coat / designers remix trousers / balenciaga boots / weekday scarf / new yorker top / ps 11 bag   contact:


Yes! Finally got my hands on this Simpsons skirt! Cool right? I'm a big fan of the Simpsons, so I loved this tee. I thought it was nice to spice it up a little with the patent leather skirt.

City guide – Rotterdam

We have all heard of all the places Amsterdam has to offer. What most don't know is that Rotterdam has so much to offer to. Since I was born here and have been living here ever since, it's safe to say that I'm an expert when it comes to fun places to visit. I thought it would be best to split up the city guide into 4 categories - food, architecture, amusement and shopping. I decided to start the guide with everyone's favorite category: food! I always try to nourish my body with healthy food so these hotspots have been selected on this. However, it's super delicious, trust me.

From top to bottom:

Picknick Probably the cutest lunchrooms in town. Their menu is absolutely delicious (when I was studying I visited their place almost two times a week) and everything is fresh/bio. As the title already suggest, their interior gives you the impression of a cozy picknick with friends or loved ones. They serve anything from sandwiches to soups and quiches. If you are a fish lover please try the salmon sandwich (its my favorite).

Burgertrut How does a delicious fresh burger sound to you? Delicious right? Burgertrut serves great food in a hospitable living room setting that reminds you of your grandma. Next to their variety of veggie burgers they serve organic beef burgers for those that can't do without. Whether you're a hardcore vegetarian, flexible "flexitarian" or open minded carnivore; they have got what you want!

Charlotte's Kitchen In the middle of the city centre, Charlotte's Kitchen is the perfect place to relax and enjoy fresh cakes, sandwiches or soup. Their menu is bio, interior vintage and reflects beautifully in the industrial room they are in. They are open until the 11th of December, due renovations. So if you are looking for delicious fresh bio food, make sure to stop by before they close! Spirit Last but not least, Spirit. Their philosophy is to create food that is good for the human body with respect for animals and the environment, meaning their food is 100% bio and 100% vegan. Their interior is modern and menu divers. Everyday they serve fresh food, buffet style. You can choose anything you like, from sweet potatoes to crispy veggies and delicious vegan desserts. Spirit is suitable for any time of day, whether you are just waking up or heading out for dinner!



A few weeks ago I visit the New Yorker store and this jacket immediately caught my eyes. Because of the shitty weather I took some pictures inside my house and give you a little peek in to my living room..     This is a complete New Yorker Look     Contact:


Love this blouse from the NEW YORKER, it is one of those pieces which are easy to combine. Just wear it with some skinnies and you are done!