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Sport femme

Jacket 19,95, Skirt 19,95, Bag 19,95, Blouse 19,95, Shoes 29,95 all from New Yorker


Even though we just said goodbye to tons of snow, I couldn't resist sharing some of my favorite items of the new spring collection from New Yorker. Since most women seem to be inspired by sportswear nowadays and the normcore trend, I thought it would be inspiring to create this look, which has the ultimate balance between femininity and sportswear. What I like most about these items is the attention to detail and fabrics. How cool is the 'laser cut' inspired skirt and bag?



Muubaa leather jacket / Gestuz leather pants / New Yorker top / PS11 bag / Alexander Wang boots


Here a little preview of tomorrow's blogpost. A shot from Paris wearing my new Muubaa leather jacket.


I do love to dress up and wear chic items! But I like it when you’re wearing a chic outfit with a fun element, just like this Homer sweater (I LOVE The Simpsons!). It would be a great item to start a New Year! Don’t you think? Homer would make it fun, like he always does ;) By the way, Happy New Year!


I want to wish you all happy and healthy 2015!
Wearing a look styled by AINZ!
Designers Remix vest / Designers Remix shirt / Goosecraft leather pants / Isabel Marant snow boots

Beauty – blue edition


In the first beauty post - red edition, I described my signature style when it comes to makeup. Today, I share one of my favorite tips when it comes to beauty. A good creme. When it comes to skincare I have always been quite natural. Aside from washing my face every morning with water and at night when removing my makeup, I only use a creme and have never wore a drop foundation (aside from photoshoots when I did some modelling). This year when I was on set (I work as a stylist) I started chatting with the make-up artist about skincare. She recommended this creme by Embryolisse and from the moment I tried it I never used anything else again. It's super soft and works perfectly for my skin. In last post I already shared my signature perfume so I thought it would be a great idea to share the signature perfume of my boyfriend. I absolutely love it when he wears this fragrance and the bottle is beautiful too. Last but not least an eyebrow gel to keep those babies in place!



  Sometimes I feel like wearing a red jeans. A red jeans is such a eye-catcher and it's a classic one in fashion, so always a good idea. When wearing such a prominent item, I like to style it with classic basics. This New Yorker blouse is perfect! Same for the warm and 'rock chic' coat.