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A classic coat will never go out of fashion! Especially this one from New Yorker. A dark blue coat is a must have, because it combines very easily and it looks warm and always stylish. I choose to wear it with basic items, so the look is minimal and clean. The way I love my outfits the most!

Piazza Sempione – Eleonora, Milan



Wearing a complete Designers Remix look, all available at, the fashion store where I work:) 
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Black and white lines

Jacket New Yorker

As mentioned a few post ago, I love graphic lines in anything, whether it's in architecture or in beautiful garments like these. I often wear this jacket as a comfortable blanket when it gets a bit more chilly outside. What I like most is that the graphic lines are placed correctly, to accentuate your feminine lines. Designers often fail when they place graphic lines in garments, creating strange points of accentuation. But not here, even the zipper (which is also in a graphic line) accentuate the right details. And above all, it contains my two favorite colors: black and white!



Enough of all the black, it's time for grey! This outfit will look awesome on a regular day while shopping or going to school.   All items are available at the New Yorker store.   contact:


All clothes NEW YORKER!

As you probably could already guess this faux leather jacket from the NEW YORKER is one of my favourite coats this fall. It pretty much goes with everything, but I love it with this cute green hat and camouflage blouse.


Because Antwerp was a bit boring (shopwise) we went to Maastricht the next day. Such a beautiful city, and I was finally able to visit Stijl Wyck. And ofcourse spend some quality time with the boy.   baukjen coat / designers remix trousers / balenciaga boots / weekday scarf / new yorker top / ps 11 bag   contact: