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Paris photoshoot

The result of the photoshoot I did in Paris!!

Leidsegracht…Joao & Tiago, Amsterdam


Love Ya Old Shoes

This is the oldest pair of shoes in my closet that survived so many clean-ups. No single pair of killer heels can feel so sexy, trust me!

Michelberger, Berlin.

1. Michelberger Hotel // 2. hotel restaurant (LOVE the unmatched chairs) // 3. NO DANCING UNLESS ON TABLES. //4-5. my room // 10. quick tea + brownie before my flight // 11. IF YOU FEEL GOOD HERE, TELL YOUR FRIENDS. yessir.

so here are the pictures from my quick trip to Berlin last Tuesday.

if you don´t know where to stay in Berlin, i deeply recommend the Michelberger. nice atmosphere, nice people, lovely service.



Inspiration: Christmas Trees

(Sources: Stylizimo, Rench by Desing, I Need Nice Things, French by Design, Lookbook Interior & Design, Love Aesthetics, Love Nordic Design.)


Christmas is coming and it's time to decorate our home and get a christmas tree, but why not to be more original this year? Take a look at these pics for inspiration, I can't decide which one is my favorite... what about you?

XOXO Collage Vintage



The fit of these jeans is absolutely perfect and they're a tad more unique than the normal animal print jeans, something that I'm in general going crazy about (I have to show you a pair of snakeskin ones I haven't posted about yet).
The boots give off a bit of a high end hooker vibe. I love them though, especially their awkward height. I can actually walk in them. Comfortably. That almost never happens with shoes that have such a thin heel.
I'm extremely lazy (and boring) when it comes to jewellery. Earrings and necklaces generally annoy me when I'm wearing them and I usually end up taking them off after a few hours with a sigh of relief. I can't say that about these luxuriously heavy, badass bracelets. They perfectly round off my tougher looks.

The walls of resistance


Some people want it to happen.
Some people wish it to happen.
Others tear down the walls of resistance and make it happen.
There is no such thing as giving up.
I came with a dream and it will happen.
I rather poke my middle finger in your eye then letting anything get to me.