HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!! so 2011 went like a flash, no? so many AMAZING things happened (blogwise and lifewise). travelled a LOT. experienced a LOT.

for this, i have to thank you all for constantly reading, following and supporting. without you, this blog would not be what it is today. so let´s drink to that! i hope 2012 is gonna be wayyyy better!



The Perfect Jacket

I Love my new tweed jacket in red. It is my favorite color, I like pair it with black and white!

Big Kiss. Collage Vintage


In these ways


Most likely this was the last opportunity to wear these pants so I paired them up with some simplistic lines such as ascuba top and a wool a line coat.
I have many things to take care off such as the raccoon on my head (will have to dye it tomorrow) but mostly piles of work for the academy.
But yet again those who want something..

5x Random

Some random photos of last week, I've been featured in this months Grazia UK and COSMOgirl (dutch)


And here it is! The outfit with my new Balmain ankle boots! Aren't they gorgeous? Xx. Come over to the dark side we have Candy


Best of Me Circa 2011 Pt1

As a tradition in the new year, here is a recap of my best outfit throughout January, February and March 2011...