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I'm currently sick in bed with a fever so I wanted to leave you with my favourite outfit of the last month. It was one of those that went seamlessly together without much effort, a rare occurrence.

Something New, Something Old and Nothing Blue

Yours truly has a new toy - very long lusted after :)

Mitte…Liesa, Berlin



hello guys!! so sorry for the slow update, i am currently suffering a terrible cold. :/ i just wanted to quickly show you the last pictures of my trip to Berlin for Whatstrend for the New Yorker News (taken in the NHOW Hotel Suite) and the official video! it´s the first time le boyf agreed to appear on the blog and the first time i am speaking german on a video. YAY. it´s 7 minutes long, if you manage to watch everything, let me know what you think!


Orange Trousers

I'm in love with masculine trousers and they are so comfortable!



WELCOME TO MY HOME. A few weeks ago my bf and I changed some stuff in our living room. Like example the wall full of canvas photos. All the photos that are hanging in our living room are from trips that we have done together. Well, accept for the posterized picture of my English bulldog Maddox of course. Thought it would be nice to share! Xx. Come over to the dark side we have Candy


Something Blue

Wearing my new blue coat. It's so warm and cosy and it's the perfect colour for this fall! I've never thought that I would wear something blue, but I've changed my mind after my blue scuba top. I'm sure that I will wear this coat a lot this fall/winter!