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I've been wanting to wear this sweater for a very long time since it is the single most cozy thing I have ever worn... it's cropped, off-the-shoulder and has playfull little pockets with frill details.

deep V

Wearing a new blouse, I love the deep v-neck in the front and the back!

Blending In

When the weather gets colder, I love to wear jumpers over my favourite blouses and in this case, I particularly fell in love with the layering of the sleeves and the difference in lenght of the two tops. In general I can't get over jumpers and trousers that look like you might wear them to the gym but have that certain twist that makes them look a bit more tailored to be taken seriously.

Friedrichstraße…Josephin, Berlin


The edge


Even though the main reason why I was intrigued by the color burgundy is the options of color contrasts.
Nevertheless somehow I ended up embracing it by adding more burgundy and dark lips.
Furthermore there is always tomorrow right?
Like Emma from the movie One Day (which I saw saturday must see movie I cried at least five times but I also cried with the movies Wall-E and Up) said
"Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today. I'll always remember it"

A Crush – Elie Saab Collection

I don't normally make a post about designer inspirations, but I've a crush with Elie Saab spring - summer collection and I needed to share it with you. I love all the dresses, it would be a dream come true to wear it someday ;)



i just arrived home yesterday midnight from my short trip to berlin and in 3 hours, i am off to fly again there. busy, busy. :D i just wanted to update you with what i did there before i leave, so here you go!

We (le boyf and moi) were asked by New Yorker to do a video for our awesome blog Whatstrend while doing what we do best, photoshooting for the blog! it was so fun and we felt really well taken cared of! i am excited for the result. you will see me speak german for the first time! *cue in horror* haha