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✌☮ PAWS UP ✌☮

how was your weekend rockstars? MINE WAS AWESOME! i can´t remember the last time i´ve danced so much! i had the best time with my best friends ever.

ps: i have been living in this shirt for a week now. i don´t know if it´s the print or the "i-stole-this-from-my-boyfriend" feeling. i think i haven´t obsessed over a shirt like this, like EVER. and it matches my RAD boots for crying out loud!

so paws up kleine monsters!


Concrete walls


I have been having trouble sleeping lately (even Alex Turner can not make me look into the inside of my eyelids).
The last thing on my mind was playing dress up (which I always do and therefore I always arrive too late on the academy) I simply took my new jumper and combined it with a pair of leather shorts.
The rich color was a perfect match to my brown leather shorts and all it needed was simply some burgundy accents on lips and nails.

Camel loves Red

Today I show you one of my favorite color combination, camel & red, the perfect couple, don't you think?


In The Wild

I finally found a sport nearby that I love: it is secluded and perfect for playing with the camera.

The perfect look.

  This is exactly what I want to wear today!


I have always been told before i got Miguel that my life is gonna change forever.


But even though i have to deal with the noise, the tv hijacking, the crying, the loss of my beautiful flat, the refrigerator decorations, and the NOSE PICKING…

it is all worth it…



Last Weekend’s Memories

My previous weekend consisted of countless cups of tea, several blankets to wrap up in, and, when I felt better in between, wandering to the Saturday market up the road from our place to indulge in some much needed macaroons and grilled giant prawns. We bought so much fresh food to cook with that I have almost recovered throughout the course of the week. I found a beautiful, rust coloured mountain crystal ring at the market that of course had to come home with me as well.
Being banned to the couch has taught me that the bookshop's name, which translates into something like "books will keep you alive" is probably true. Also, meet moustache and rosy cheeks Bambak. They sit on our ladder in our living room and were lovingly handmade in Poland. Clearly my fever has made me permanently delusional. I only hope this weekend will be as beautiful as last weeks.