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Fields of Gold

This coat is one of the most perfect items I posess. It's double layered, being a combination of the cardigan and the top coat. Fuzzy, oversized with a raw edged hem and the papaya (yes that's the actual colour name on the tag)/grey colour mix make it utterly versatile concerning my wardrobe. I can't imagine this fall getting any more beautiful. I'm hoping it's as beautiful where you are!

Jardin des Tuileries…Gemma, Paris



... and this is the look from the details pics in my previous post.

Sometimes when photos don't turn out like you imagined them to be you have to be creative. Promise to show a normall outfitpost next time! Xx. Come over to the dark side we have Candy



Wearing a cardigan which is like 4 sizes to big but I love it like this!

Back to the surface


While I have a few short days left to prepare my pitch for magazine and obviously do other assignments as well dressing up was the last thing on my mind and I went for a very simplistic but sophisticated look.
Of course I couldn't resist of wearing my new shoes, I couldn't even care what color I would wear with it I simply had to wear them.
The outcome was good anyway because I think that blue and green look great together.
Another long day of work is waiting but whatever I do I do with a smile.

In The Office

Office outfit from last week. Obviously, my office is not on the staircase, I have my own room with chair and a desk... I promise :)


Some of you might have seen my "creeper" tweet or facebook status here and there. I was so curious to try them, if they were for me or not! I ordered two pairs but sadly they didn´t fit me. :( They were too big & they looked bulky on my feet (weird, because on every other girl i find them really really cool!)

But these shoes.. They are a different story. They feel so right. PERFECT EVEN! After trying them on, i knew these were MY creepers. The heels, the buckle & the comfort factor!! YOÜ and I = match made in heaven.

I always love a perfect fairytale shoe ending!

Do you like creepers in general?