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Zipper Skirt

A college outfit,  I am wearing my new zipper skirt paired with a militar coat. Do you like it? xx

Eggs Benedict and Moët

Lea and I spent the following evening celebrating until early in the morning. Champagne is the only appropriate drink for moments like these. It was a present from Lea. This trip has been an absolute dream. What are the chances that the first dress I try on is THE dress? Eggs Benedict and fresh orange juice helped revive my tired body. I'll be back to posting outfits tomorrow!


Hi Whatstrend lovers, first of all SORRY for my absense the last weeks! I've been on a vacation and got back sick (not how I wanted things planned out :S) Will show you some of my vacation pics later on! This look is from before I went on my vacation with my favourite Isabel Marant booties! Xx. Come over to the dark side we have Candy



remember THIS?

i couldn´t just get over it so quickly so i decided to do my own version. the prada sandals are sold out everywhere so i have to make do with these equally cool mustard beauties!




Basics, Wearing my grey knitted sweater as a scarf!

Monday Back

I am safely back home and on schedule. I had an amazing time in Paris, weather was perfection, visited the most famous places, was inspired by the exquisite streetstyle, enjoyed French cuisine (I am so getting a cheese fondue set!), drank lot's of red wine and Rose, was mesmerized by the windows of Galerie Lafayette and Printemps, tried out Helmut Lang, Margiela, Givenchy, Stella McCartney...

Calle Príncipe de Anglona…Sara p.1., Madrid

I shot our lovely Whatstrend Blogger Sara in Madrid! More photos will be published this week!