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Warm and Cosy

Comfortable outfit, wearing my new knit it's so cosy!

They say living like a rebel never goes unpunished


And they must have been right.
While one started ripping her tights as if she was a true badass and went to an industrial area to capture the outfit of the day as soon as she took off her jacket for the first few shots rain started pouring on her head (the only thing missing was lighting).
While packing up her stuff (I might be a rebel but I can not stand rain) my eyes fell on a text which was sprayed on a wall.
Which is Dutch for "after rain there will be sunshine".
Well believed me I had been desperately waiting for sunshine the rest of the day but it was a false promise.

Capture It, Part I

Last week I went to a party in Madrid and met Scott Shuman (the man behind The Sartorialist blog).I thought it was an opportunity to take some close up pics for whatstrend blog, because people wore cool items. Do you like it?


Wrapped Up In Pastels

Beetroot and apple soup. The only thing that is helping me get over this sudden flu that's come over me, which forced me to spend all of yesterday in bed with a delirious fever. I should have probably remained in bed for another day but there were too many things to do. Therefore, please excuse the weird/sleepy facial expression. I still feel terrible. I wore something purely comfortable and warm today. It is nice to, while getting dressed, find out that the leather trousers above suddenly fit properly when last year it was an "I can't breathe" situation. I hope you're all staying warm and healthy.

And Out Comes The Scarf

It's officially scarf season, yay!


Love these two outfits so much, especially the first photo. I can't remember that I've ever seen an outfit that I didn't like from Christine Centenera!



I'm currently sick in bed with a fever so I wanted to leave you with my favourite outfit of the last month. It was one of those that went seamlessly together without much effort, a rare occurrence.