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Best of Me Circa 2011 Pt1

As a tradition in the new year, here is a recap of my best outfit throughout January, February and March 2011...

Sparklers p.1

It's funny to see the effect sparklers have on girls! ;-)


The Sales

Remember when I was speaking about "new shoes to boot"? Well these were my indulgences of the end of season sales. I've had my eye on them since the beginning and I was lucky that they weren't sold out! This year I promised myself to take more time for vintage and steer away from online shopping. Berlin has so many wonderful flea markets and vintage shops and there's one I can't wait to visit when I'm back on Wednesday! I hope you had an amazing New Year's Eve!


twenty fuckin six!

so what right?

as long as i can still wear a friggin leather dress + hookah heels, I AM GOOD!


Best of 2011, Part 2

Sources: Hanneli Mustarpa, Stockholm Streetstyle, Jak & Jill, Streetsfn, Just Jared, Vanessa Jackman, Nobody Knows Marc, Sincerely Jules, Topshop Tumblr, The Sartorialist

Here you've the second part of the best dressed in 2011. I hope you like it!

XOXO. Collage Vintage


In between the gap


I hardly have time for anything let alone taking time to cover zhe blog exactly how I want it.
Nevertheless I found some time to squeeze in these quick shots.
Felt like creating a eclectic mix where the gap between too much and just right was pretty small.

Lost and found

I rediscoverd these jeans last week while sorting out some old clothes. I bought them a couple of years ago and I have worn them a few times before but totally forgot about them!