New In: Velvet & Rose Stalks

Velvet was one of the materials missing from my life and now there is a whole new horizon to discover with this green velvet pencil skirt. As for the stalk bracelet, it is yet another addition to my growing bracelet collection.

Time Machine

"They don't make them like this anymore"; a sentence we often hear from our grandparents and old people in general. In the case of this dress, it's probably true. It's 60s glamour at its finest and even though it has nothing to do with my grandmother, it reminds me of her in one of her beloved Escada suits. There is no question that lace and brocade are officially made for each other and that scarves are pointless unless worn as an accessory on your purse.

Green Pants

Here are the two items that I bought the last week, the oversized jersey, perfect for everyday wear, and the green leather leggings, that I love so much! I am considering buying them in black color know, when you find a perfect item, why shouldn't you consider  buying it in different colors?



Pastel doux


I have been living in jumpers lately since they are the perfect solution for the cold.
I have this huge crush on fluffy jumpers in luscious colors and this one is no exception.
It is more subtle then I normally tend to go for but that is why I find it interesting to combine with other colors.
Even though I am more a skirt kind type of girl I invested in some wool pants to protect me from the cold but this one from Zara shows that they provide clothes with a higher price then quality.
Only after wearing it a few times the hem of the pants got lose which results that it looks like I have one leg as long as a giraffe while the other is no longer then a pig tail.


I got this Arelalizzae sweater from Bloggers Wardrobe. Arelalizzae is an Scandinavian brand which consists of basic designs made from natural materials like cashmere and silk. The sweater I got is made of cashmere, so it’s really warm and comfortable!


These golden sequins trousers only come out of the closet once a year and with special occasions. Thought it would be a good choice to wear for NYE. Didn't go partying, just an easygoing friends outing. Love how well the trousers go with a simple grey sweater and my beloved Alexander Wang cape heels! Xx. Come over to the dark side we have Candy