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  The perfect comfortable outfit, would love to wear these items for a relaxing sunday on the couch!

New York Day 3, Brooklyn

This is the fourth time I have visited New York City and this time I  discover  neighborhoods as Williamsburg area in Brooklyn. I totally recommend you to visit it! It’s an awesome district where you can enjoy a beautiful views of Manhattan, and of course where you can find cool items in the vintage and second hand stores.

We ate at Sea, a Thai restaurant in the center of Williamsburg, if you visit this district you can’t miss this place!

And this is the look I wore - comfortable and warm ...Do you like it?

XOXO. Collage Vintage




soo not over glitter. you?




It's official! I'm going to NYFW in 3 weeks! Couldn’t be more excited to go back to the city that is so amazing. Photos above were taken in September 2010 and ever since i’ve been thinking to go back one more time to see more of this city and to know more about it. But this time will be even better since i will be going there for my blog and will get to experience NYFW (which kind of is the ultimate blog dream to me). I’m bringing my bf slash photographer with me so expect loads of photos of NYC and NYFW when i come back! but first… a long 3 weeks of waiting until it’s finally time! Xx. Come over to the dark side we have Candy


Rain, Rain, Rain…Miri, Berlin


Give Me Colour

The sky has been grey for days so I was on the search for some colour and as you can see that wasn't so hard. I spent most of that day in Oderberger Straße, one of Berlin's most beautiful and delicious streets. Delicious as in tasty cafes and restaurants as well as countless vintage shops that make you forget the concept of time.
Combining the feather vest with a leather jacket was long overdue and the vintage pussy blow blouse with the amazing highland terrier print had to be worn with my Hellraiser loafers. One of my favourite outfits to date.
Follow me onTwitter for up to date BFW news and I'll be posting daily on the blog. Some things you can expect so far are porcelain jewellery, hand knitted trousers and jumpers in citrus colours and luxe camel and berry tones.


when i got these red velvet babies, my only thought was to provide a plain canvas (thus the white outfit, HA!) where the shoes can take centerstage and get the attention they truly deserve. planning on a black canvas next! i am deeply smitten. (i do say that to all of my new shoes!) they´re red. they´re velvet. what more can you ask for?

i thought that i would only use this phrase for a cupcake. hahaha