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So Long

In memorium of these beautiful ankle boots... it was a short but passionate love!




One of the advantages of a fur coat is being able to wear something less thick underneath.
I was fascinated by the contrast in color and lines and decided to accentuate it more by adding the top.
The shoes were a perfect adjustment due the awkwardness and lines.


New in: candy coloured sheerness by Emilio de la Morena.



Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel's apartment, so beautiful!

Tempelhof…Svea, Berlin



BEAUTYBERRY by Wang Yutao presented by Mercedes Benz & ELLE

Here are some shots from my favorite show so far! So aside from the fact that Wang Yutao is from my side of the globe and a renowned designer in China, his collection was breathtaking! The women´s dresses were just so floaty perfect. The men´s collection is exactly how i picture my boyfriend´s style in my dreams. A mix of fur, leather and tweed. Very London Chic. It is said to be a homage to the upcoming Olympic Games hosted by England. I got goosebumps after the show. Honestly.

PS: more updates from Berlin Fashion Week coming soon!



Last week I was celebrating my 27th birthday. Time is flying so fast! Wish I could stop it! Haha! But, did have an amazing birthday with lot's suprises and cool gifts (will show you soon!). Here are some details of my outfit that day! Xx. Come over to the dark side we have Candy