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i don´t regret a single thing buying this sweater. it has saved me from frostbite once again. the weather is windy, grey and sad. but i don´t have to tell you that again, no? the last picture just describes how i feel as of the moment.

how about you? how´s the weather on your side of town?



Christmas Portraits

I met Christian from The Styleograph for another set of shots, this time to take some night time pictures, the second one capturing Christmas. I was wearing the Bitching and Junkfood parka I got from Urban Outfitters that I quickly spoke about quickly in a previous post but more on that tomorrow! Enjoy your Friday!

Christmas Shopping with Sophia…Berlin

Do you already have your Christmas presents or will you be in a hurry like me? I mean I have a reason to wait...I need to shoot every day...actually! ;-) Next: Amsterdam!


Combined Coat

Good morning lovely readers!! Today I show you my new combined coat.
Combined fabric items are a must to have this season, leather + wool + fur...I adore this trend!
Do you have a combined coat in your closet?
XOXO. Collage Vintage
See you tomorrow!

Preview: New Year’s Eve Outfit

Apart from Christmas, I am not much into the whole get-in-the-mood-it's-a-holiday thing. I don't believe that we have to have a good time exactly on that special date which holds especially true for New Year's hence I avoided celebrations for years. Everyone can have fun anytime they feel like it or not... But this year, a very dear friend is visiting and we will have a huge party to celebrate, which "coincidentally" will be around NY eve :) So what better occasion to dress up. I bought this dress and plan to wear it with a feather earring, opaque tights, Givenchy sandals and a yellow clutch. What will be your NY outfit?


.. and here is the complete look of the outfit I was wearing with the snake printed jeans! I need more printed jeans in my closet. Love what they can do for such a basic look! Xx. Come over to the dark side we have




When the days get darker and colder we tent to forget about the richest colors and hide in darker colors and layers.
While I wasn't playing to buy anything (well actually I was) I found this gorgeous floral blouse which reminded mewhy I love colors so much.
Very Celine resort 2012 and I can not wait to experiment with it.
I mean even by only showing the collar underneath a jumper it would be amazing.