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Some interior inspiration!

Prinsengracht…Keke, Amsterdam


All Black

This is anything but a creepy old graveyard, well, just creepy because it is definitely old, and beautiful. I couldn't resist the cliche of taking some photos in the ten minutes of no rain I've had in the last 2 1/2 weeks. I wore this to what was another festive feast at a family friend's house. I'm beyond excited for New Years. I'm attending what is definitely going to be an amazing party with some of my closest friends and I've got new shoes to boot that I had my eye on all season and I scored for 50% off. I hope you all had a kick ass New Years Eve! Party hard ;D.

On point


They say time changes everything and so did my current wardrobe.
I already threw out many items and I recently added these pointy heels to my collection.
These are my second pair of pointy heels and despite the high discomfort they look amazing under any pair of pants.

Best Of 2011, Part 1

Sources: The Sartorialist, Vanessa Jackman, Nobody Knows Marc, Streetsfn, Jak&Jill, Stockholm Streetstyle, Vogue, ?¿?¿

These are the pictures that  inspired me in 2011 and I'm pretty sure they will inspiring me in 2012 too, all the outfits are simply perfect. I hope you like my selection.

Big Kiss Collage Vintage



How was your new years eve? Mine was great! Will show you the outfit that I was wearing soon! This is my outfit with my new fur coat, think it's such a cool coat but a little tricky to wear since i don't want to look trashy or anything. Think keeping it basic does the trick! Happy 2012 whatstrenders! XX Come over to the dark side we have candy



Finally and I mean FINALLY, I found the perfect pair of pointed ankle boots!