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Pure Love

Here's a quick outfit post taken before the sun went down. These are in fact not the Isabel Marant trousers but similar ones I got from eBay. I loved the design but couldn't justify the price and through luck I found these (I got them in white as well). I don't know if this was the most ethical choice but I couldn't help it. Since I got them I have pictured them with this jumper and these heels. Pure love.
...Pure love except for the fact that these babies are freaking tight. I literally had to squeeze myself into them while praying that sitting down was not going to end in disaster. It didn't but that's clearly thanks to Korea's hardcore denim. Thank you gorging on foodChristmas period. That they run small though is an understatement so be warned!

Sales: Two is a Company

The creamy lace top is my only sales buy, can you believe it :) Lace will continue to be huge for SS12.

Cut the ropes


I had wished for a helicopter or a jet plane since 1991 but still haven't got one and now I wished I had one more then ever.
I had been looking forward to the opening of Azzedine Alaïa for months and Jasper and I were planning to go until our teacher Ari Versluis mentioned the Fashion Film festival in Antwerp.
The first stop would be the perfect cut (a series of talks with leading people in the industry).
Past speakers for instance have been Alex Fury and Zach Gold and this time Stephane 'Boy London' Raynor will be the one to be interviewed by Ari.
Other things that are on the agenda is The day before Versace & Narciso Rodriguez by Loïc Prigent, later the documentary the tents by Marcus K. Jones and I also read something about Ellen Von Unwerth & Peter Lindbergh later that night.
The fact that Azzedine Alaïa himself would be at the opening it made it more then difficult for me and Jasper to decide what we should do.
We wouldn't be able to attend both events due the distance and time.
We both couldn't make up our minds since we both would love to meet monsieur Alaïa and realize that this is probably our only chance to do.
Eventually after hours and hours of thinking we decided to go to Antwerp since we think we will get more out of that.
Even while writing this I still doubt but sometimes decisions simply have to be made no matter how difficult they are.


Maison Martin Margiela rings, Philippe Audibert bracelets, Eddie Borgo cuff, Philippe Audibert cuff, Philippe Audibert cuff, Dominic Jones ring, Dominic Jones ring, Bottega Veneta bracelet. Some of my favourite jewellery pieces from Net A Porter, I need to invest in some new jewellery, mainly some basic items which are easy to combine with casual outfits.

2012 is Dirty Blonde

The new year started with a promise for some amazing new friendships and opportunities so I decided to celebrate the occasion with a new hair color (dirty blonde) and a new purchase (lace skirt). Gosh, I missed my red lipstick so very much!

DIY Inspired

I have slowly but surely been gathering photos of all my hopefully easy to replicate items and favourite DIYs that are floating about in the blogosphere. Show me anything perspex and I am on board and Love Aesthetics is overflowing with mindblowing DIYs of the sort. A quick trip to the hardware store should also fix my sleepless nights caused by the plumbing inspired jewellery.
Kabutar's jewellery has always been at the forefront of awesomeness, particularly because she uses crystals, seashells, paper and beautiful stones to create some serious masterpieces.
Mis Papelicos has created a 3D skirt that is truly a piece of art featuring pop out flowers, which takes the whole floral trend to the next level. This is a DIY I am sure to try before the onset of spring.
Newcomer's furry shoes, sheer insert zigzag trousers, crystal weaponry and dip dyed skirt are also making my fingers itch and her step-by-step instructions mean even idiots like me will end up with something relatively passable.
Jil Sander's coat with sheer trimming, Givenchy's scuba style chain skirt and The Ragged Priest's dip dyed arran jumper are three pieces that should be relatively possible to recreate if you are armed with a sewing machine or take it to a tailor.
Happy DIYing!


i just freed these 3 year old pointy suede over the knee boots from the depths of our basement. who knew i´ll find them there when i have been searching high and low for the exact same kind? AHHHH. the mystery of my closet..