It may have been the first thing that came to your mind, this girl buys way too many shoes.
But appearances are deceptive since these aren't mine but from a classmate were I traded shoes with for a few days.
A woman's best kept secret is to sometimes trade clothing or accessories with their friends to prevent the wallet to be more then empty and still have the capability to combine something new.
They may come with me to Amsterdam as well as the old issue of Self Service.
Still doubting if I should bring Self Service or an old issue of A magazine because even though the issue includes the breathtaking Lara Stone it's damn heavy and since I already have to carry a bunch of clothes to bring back (I did the styling for a video shoot last monday).
Besides my shoulders has been true enough the past two years.

Leather and Lace v2

Lace and leather hold countless possibilities for combining... for every season!


Layering is my favorite hobbie right now, I love to wear fancy collars with leopard and denim shirts, all together the outfit is perfect.

XOXO. Collage Vintage


Paris photo diary

Some random shots from my stay in Paris. The second photo is from the photoshoot for vente privé!

Without a word

To find deeper thoughts and continue breathing creatively.


At Night…Leni p.2, Berlin