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more than 20 degrees today! the only downside to this super nice spring-y weather: my HAY FEVER has officially started.



One of a kind.

New in my wardrobe, these amazing wedges from Finsk. I love the cut out heel! What do you think?

The love issue


Currently the latest issue of love is one of the things I read before I go to bed.
Former stylist Katie Grand launched love magazine the "slightly larger than most monthlies" somewhat four year ago and has had a very strong and experimental content every since.
When it comes to the bespoke size unfortunately the magazine contains many ads, at least 48 pages before getting to the editor's letter.
However the articles and especially the editorials kind of make up for that since they are interesting to read and have strong visual content.
In issue 7 they interview some of my favorite people in the industry for instance Jack McCullough and Lazaro Hernadez, beautiful editorials including one with consensus collections displaying shades of white from McQueen to Comme des Garcons and looking back into Prada's history with Miuccia herself.
With contributors such as Tim Walker, Panos Yiapanis and Mert and Marcus it makes more then sense that issue 7 is one of those issues you should simply have home at least if you are interested in magazines and collect them just like I do.

Skull Tee


Highly visible


I might have been invisible on the blog the past few days but on the streets I sure wasn't.
However I'm used to the stares and comments and they never get to me since I know that some people do not understand where I come from (to verify again I'm human, I'm not from Mars).
I have been working hard on the academy and shoots and as we speak I'm preparing for the next shoot already namely monday.
The results of the past shoot turned out exactly how we wanted and I couldn't be more proud.
Nothing feels better then succeeding in creating a story and doing what I love.


I got featured in this months Dutch ELLE magazine! The interview is about 'My Life in jeans' and I had a shoot with my favourite pair of jeans one (I was styled by a stylist though) you also see some childhood memories in the interview with me wearing jeans. A really cool and personal feature if you ask me! Xx. COTTDS


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