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In A’Dam

Last Wednesday I woke up at 4AM to catch an early flight to Amsterdam. It has been a dream destination for so long that I still can't believe I am here. The 1st day was so hectic, loading up on tons of coffee and having meetings all day at the hotel. Thus on Thursday I rewarded myself with a full day of wondering in the city all by myself, did a lot of shopping, enjoyed the best ever goat cheese sandwich accompanied with few glasses of wine, and lost track of time in the 9-street area. Had to hurry back to the hotel for a business dinner which turned into full program Korean cuisine experience... it was so yummy!


Another random post with different photos from my life! 1. Random photo of me 2. Wearing my new bracelet 3. My latest shoe addition: the most amazing Maison Martin Margiele ankle boots! 4. Wanted: fishnet dress for the summer 5. A quick outfit!

Xx. Cottds



Some interior inspiration, how awesome would it be to have a 'garden' like the first photo?!


so it´s april and we´re on to pair number 18. there are four other pairs that i haven´t introduced you yet, so yeah the project is doing good! LOL have a great weekend kiddos!



The fiercest pair of shoes I have in my closet at the moment.


Inspiration Sneakers

Sources: StockholmStreetStyle, Vanessa Jackman, All the pretty birds, Street Peeper, After DRK, Sincerely Jules, The Blonde Salad, Columbine, Elle, ?¿
I'm a big fan of sneakers not only because  they are most comfortable shoes, but also a pair of sneakers can create the most original and fun outfit. In the pictures above, there are some street style pictures featuring the best styling, which one is your favorite?
See you tomorrow!!

F’hain…Melanie, Berlin