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I've bought this leather hat today, can't wait to wear it. I've already imagined some ways to combine it!

Meant As Is

Although this lace top was from a Fall collection, it is just now that I can wear it as meant.

Drowned words, wandering thoughts


Good weather never lasts in the Netherlands and this is an ensemble of something I wore days ago.
I have been trying to divide my time between the academy, the library and shoots but somehow I can not seem to manage to squeeze everything into a day.
In that matter I wish that I could be more like Terence Koh who reads fourteen books at the same time (I tried three but failed miserably).
Time is now to fill the gap between reality and dreams what hasn't been done today will not wait for you tomorrow.





Admiralbrücke…Leni pt.1, Berlin


Layers of Pink

Good morning lovely readers!!! Today's outfit is elegant and chic. I am wearing a dress and a pullover in shades of pink and white, two colors that I fell in love lately. Anyway, I bought some spring-summer items and I wanted to share it with you. Do you like it?
See you tomorrow!


I've found this vintage top in the back of my closet the other day, it's always funny to find something in the back of the closet when you don't even remember it at all!