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i saw the front of this jacket and i thought, wow! nice twist to a classic parka. when i looked at the back, a scream came out of my mouth: "DISCO!"

every time i wear this beauty, it automatically becomes the center of attention and an icebreaker.
i don´t have enough adjectives to describe this jacket other than amazing and amazing (but even that doesn´t give it justice).
so how does one wear this bedazzled parka?

Vor Frue Kirke…Stephanie, Copenhagen


The dress

  Sometimes, I like to put on this dress and just twirl around in my walk-in closet (this sounds like my closet is huge, but trust me, it's not). It makes me feel so feminine and pretty! So I figured it deserved it's own blogpost. It's one of my favorite pieces, but I don't wear it as much as I would like. Feels a bit overdressed to show up at work looking like this, don't you think?


To accomplish one must be daring enough to break grounds and stand on their own.



Insta diary part 3:

1. Jewelry at Bibi van der Velden 2. Me and Cindy having fun 3. OMG I need these Marant Wedges 4. Spooky things at Bibi 5. Outfit post from this week 6. Me an Cin again 7. Driving my dads new car 8. Isabel Marant again! 9. At the beach

1. Outfit from last week at Schiermonnikoog 2. Me and my boy 3. Beers 4. Old pic from me and Cindy at New Yorker 5. My sweet dog 6. Picture 7. Portrait of me at the beach 8. Me and the boy 9. Wearing my army pants with me new heels

Picture of me and Cindy again!


Limited lines

Without context, clothes are nothing.


At the beach

  Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be living so close to the beach. This summer, I try to enjoy it as much as possible, always telling myself it could be that last sunny day. Looks like we might get a few more beautiful days... fingers crossed! XO