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Inspiration: Green Parka

a must have this fall.




Love this new dress, so Herve Leger!


here´s my photo diary (which i would have instagrammed if i haven´t forgotten my phone at home) from budapest. :/
such a beautiful city. shame that le boyf was not there to take outfit pictures. would have been the perfect location for some outfits i had in mind.
sziget festival was definitely one of the favorites! snoop dogg was outta this world!
i hope the photos gives you an idea though of how pretty it was.


Bumped into these shoes last week for 20 euro's and you might understand that I couldn't resist.
They fit my style perfectly and the mint/silver has a nice accent against all the white.
Imagine them with a pair of white long pants..

Color bomb

  Another one of my favorite jacket. Love the mixture of the Aztec print and the old-school shape of it. Fun fact: you can wear it inside-out as well!

White Outfit

What should I wear to work? My first thought as always - a pencil skirt. I love the formal touch this item brings to any outfit. This is the last outfit that I wore to a business meeting. Nevertheless, it is important to feel comfortable with what I'm wearing, so I added my personal touch - the studded belt and bracelets, do you like it? Big kiss!




Love this skirt, I wish that it was also for sale in black but unfortunately it’s not. I’m still looking for a similar one in black!