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New Insta Diary!

1: New zara shoes 2.Me and the boy 3. Funny pic 4.Outfit 5. New Balance 6. Outfit of the day 7. Alexander Wang shoes 8. Outfit 9.Isabel Marant sneakers

1.Alexander Wang box 2. Outfit 3. Outfit 4. The Shoes

1. Me and my friends at a party 2.Breakfast 3. Rose beer 4. Me and the boy

1. Outfit shot 2. Again the shoes, sorry 3. Like this picture 4.Portrait


Sparkling pants

  Sunny days are perfect for wearing sparkling pants. Makes them even more sparkly than they already are. Writing this down, I feel a huge Twilight / Edward-in-the-sun deja vu coming up. Anyone else with me? XO

At Stockholm Fashion Week…Tove, Stockholm



Hi! Today i'm wearing a casual outfit - jeans and my new printed and studded top in shade of pink, orange, nude and blue. I was thinking to buy the shorts in the same print but I reasoned and thought that it would be too much of the same print, and to be honest they didn't feel right on me, I prefer boyfriends style shorts. I just feel more comfy with them! Do you like it?
Big kiss and have a lovely day!


I received this bracelet from my sister, she bought it on her summer vacation in Saint Tropez. I’m always so curious when my sister has a present for me, because it’s so funny that she always surprises me with something amazing! PS. how cute is my new Iphone case with bunny ears?!


the frequency festival was a BLAST!
ed sheeran and the killers were so amazing. NO WORDS.
the city, the hotel, the food.. everything is amazing here.
cannot ask for a more appropriate end to this crazy (BUT SUPER GREAT!) summer tour of festivals i was able to experience together with FESTIVAL ZINE!
SO thankful for all the nice countries i have never been to before, amazing people, great artists and for all the fashion i was able to see!

The unknown

Succes is a step away from what is obvious and well-known towards the new and unknown.