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Todays outfit, wearing my army jacket. And finally it's time that I can wear my beanie again!

i'm in a hurry right now ( like every wednesday ) I have to catch my train in about 15 minutes! So I have to run!

Enjoy your day!

[ vintage army jacket | isabel marant sneakers | elvine beanie ]




Lately I'm obsessed with the peach color, so when I saw these wonderful trousers I felt the need to buy them :).




Love the combination of the white, beige and gold jewellery.

Straight silhouette


For those who worried about my absenceI'm still here but I have been very busy shooting and keeping up with the academy.
Other from that I finally got the chance to look for a new coat as the new season has already kicked in and I'm very happy with this one.
The straight silhouette and detailing in the front were the things that caught my eye and it fits my current style perfectly.

At Chloé pt.1 – Paris Fashion Week



i was in love with this boy in high school for three long years. ahhh teenage love.
i was ugly, young and unnoticeable.
everyone knew (him included) but he didn´t care.
i was dreading that year´s prom because i knew he will go with someone else. i gave up the hope that he will one day ask me.
what i didn´t know is that he asked a close friend of mine (who was the prettiest in class of course and had the nerve to ask me if she could prep at my house and get picked up by him there).
i was wearing a hideous pink dress, hideous hair and make-up (one that didn´t match my complexion).
cue in horror!
if only i could turn back time.
and wear this.
and spit on their faces. LOL


Burgundy is the new black, that's what they are saying. I really like burgundy but it will never take over black.

Yesterdays outfit wearing my pretty marant sneakers, a vero jumper a dress underneath and a cool leather jacket wich I bought a few years a go in a unknown store in Amsterdam.

Any plans for today? I will finish my school project and I'm really happy with the result. Did you saw it on instagram?