A day in Venice...

We had a wonderful day in Venice, and I think you can see it on the pictures!

We walked around, had a lot of fun, and of course we saw venice from the water in a gondola!

I'm in Holland now for over a week and still posting pictures from the holidays, have you any idea how I feel every time I see these pictures? I think I will say this every time I post pictures from Italy, but I really want to go back!

What are you going to do this summer? Any plans?



so after 4 flights and 2 missed ones (CRAZY, huh?), i am finally in borlange for the peace and love festival.
what is it with all these flight chaos/ mayhem?
i mean you sit on your gate 2 hours before boarding and the airline company just decides to change the gate and not inform you? YEAH.
anyway, i just wish the weather cooperates.
but so far so good.
sunny and GOOOOD looking swedish people, i can´t complain.


This skirt is probably my favourite piece in my wardrobe at the moment, I never thought that I would wear it this much when I’ve bought it. It’s so easy to combine with heels or loafers, and I even love it with these sneakers!

Floral Hat

I Love to wear hats, it gives an extra edge to any outfit. What about you? Are you a hat person?

XOXO Collage Vintage



I sure hasn't gone unnoticed that I have been leaning towards very minimal designs lately especially in whites.
Garments and shoes in the color white are not in abundance and once I want something and can not find it I search for ways to create it myself.
I was more then satisfied with my nude version of these heels and decided to order another pair and go Margiela on them (in other words paint them completely white).
I had already painted another pair of shoes completely white before these (will show those later) but these definitely ask for more patience due the small straps and lines.
For those who wonder what product I used to dye the shoes I bought paint for leather and cleaned the surface before applying the paint.
I'm pretty satisfied with the way they turned out and will wear them in a full look soon.


Last outfit pictures we've made in Italy, I have lots of more pictures to show you though;) We were looking for the perfect location to shoot some outfit pictures, and it wasn't easy. Before this location we already shot at 2 other locations:p But I really like the result, the black clothing i'm wearing with the dark and , in some kind of way, scary background! For those who are following me on twitter, instagram or Facebook you will probably know that I dyed my hair, I will show you asap what the result it. I wasn't to happy at the first time, and I dyed it myself again and I like it better now;)

[ short / Zara / shirt / H&M/ shoes / Zara ]

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