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One of the things that I wanted to buy in Barcelona was a basic white shirt but instead I stumbled into this beautifully cut tank which is (besides a pair of shoes) the only purchases I brought home from Barcelona.
It is a great addition to my wardrobe since it's a basic design but the lines are the ones that intrigue me and can be interesting to combine with different things.

Mauerpark…Stine, Berlin



Currently visiting beautiful Sigtes.


Strawberry Jeans Forever

Today's post makes a nod to the great song "Strawberry Fields Forever" (The Beatles) that I love, because I'm obsessed with my new strawberry jeans I could wear them everyday! I've pair them with light colors, a leopard bag and my new fluoro bracelets! Have a lovely day!


the other way around

Wearing my striped blouse as a skirt together with my favourite Dolce & Gabbana heels!

Those Pants…Milano

One more photo from Milan. End of the week I will shoot in Copenhagen.


Mixing prints

  I love the fact that you can go all the way when it comes to mixing prints this season. I chose to combine flowers with tigers and for that extra 'umpf' I added a statement necklace. What's your favorite print-combination? XO