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A while ago I rediscovered the minimalistic necklace Jasper once gave me and wore it again today.
To break the whites I wore a hint of beige and rose which resulted in subtle lines and colors.
In my opinion there is nothing better then rediscovering old pieces and combining them with the new.
Not so long ago I took out every garment I do not wear anymore out of my closet and started building a more timeless wardrobe.
There are a few pieces left that will provide me the timeless wardrobe I'm pursuing and I'm hoping to find some of those in Barcelona next week.

Men in Paris pt.1



i couldn´t let go how amazing my golf bag in black is so immediately after i saw that it was 50% on sale, it was a DONE deal.
just had to have it!


White is the new black, or actually white is like black for me.

I could combine endlessly with these two 'colors'.

Wearing my new JW Anderson for ALDO heels today! I must say that most of the time I hate white shoes, they can look cheap and trashy, but these heels are true perfection for me!

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Blue is Blue…Marie, Paris

Hope you recognize the details in this photo. Just by accident! :D



Wearing a super casual outfit, bought this John Lennon shirt a couple of weeks ago at the men’s section, love the shirts from the men's department!


I was in Tuscany some weeks ago, in particular Chianti for a Blogger for SocialHelp and Birth event.
These two organizations are planning to build a library in Senegal to provide children/ students books, computers and internet.
I always believe that the best help we could give Africa is education. Not food. Not clothes. Not water. Because all of these things ran out but if you educate a child, they have more chances to survive or make a better life for their family.
I immediately said yes, together with Chiara from The Blonde Salad, Veronica from The Fashion Fruit, Emilie from My Little Fashion Diary, Sofie from Fashionata, Filippo from The Three F, Alessandra from Little Snob Thing and Alexandera from Lovely Pepa, when they invited.
I finally could put good use of whatever fame (haha!) i earned by doing this blog.
Blogger for Social believes in word-of-mouth advertising and in new media. For these reasons it asks to bloggers to write about its events, so that the message gets as far as possible. The whispering of many is stronger than the shout of a single, isn't it?
after our tour of some towns around chianti + wine testing , we were SOOO ready for the fund raising dinner and the Blogger for Social party!
i hope that these pictures show you much fun i had last weekend.
thank you Matteo for taking care of us and for the lovely people i have met on that short span of time!