Mickey Invasion

Mickey invasion on my new sweatshirt, I know I'm a bit childish but I love this type of items and I have more than just one piece in the closet. It's an obsession :P!

Have a great Wednesday!




Wearing an all white outfit, my favourite the last time! Love the clean look of all white outfits.

Suited up


What I wore yesterday while traveling all over the Netherlands to return garments I borrowed from designers for a few shoots.
While having a short break from shooting (Jasper is in Madrid at the moment and I will leave for Barcelona soon)another serie of ours is now online as a Fashionisto Exclusive.
Even though having a break is nice (most people have no idea how much work it takes to prepare a shoot) we have a many new concepts we are going to work on as soon as we both get back.

How to Wear Tie Dye

Here are 4 different ways how to wear Tie Dye shorts! I hope you like it!

xx. Collage Vintage


At Melt! Festival



A day in Venice...

We had a wonderful day in Venice, and I think you can see it on the pictures!

We walked around, had a lot of fun, and of course we saw venice from the water in a gondola!

I'm in Holland now for over a week and still posting pictures from the holidays, have you any idea how I feel every time I see these pictures? I think I will say this every time I post pictures from Italy, but I really want to go back!

What are you going to do this summer? Any plans?