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080 Barcelona

Hello guys! This is the outfit that I wore during the 080 Barcelona fashion week last weekend, I decided to wear my favorite ballerina skirt, I don't know what I'd without it, it's perfect for any occasion. Do you like it?



the melt! festival was so far the smallest festival among the 5 other ones we´ve already visited, but somehow one of the best i´ve been to.
the location was great. so great that i must have shot 43786582 pictures of that crane!
the weather was moody (NO SURPRISE!) but i couldn´t complain as sun was shining most of the time!
and the line- up was just awesome. thinking of a better adjective to describe it but yeah, awesome sums it up perfectly!
we really had a great time listening to the rapture & lana del rey, dancing to techno music (which was funny after some cocktails!) and slurping fresh smoothies and eating pierogi.
i hope these pictures somehow depict how great the weekend went. will definitely come back again. actually, I CAN´T WAIT!

Travelling the World…Jess, Berlin

The lovely Jess from Tuula told me, that she was running out of clean clothes today after travelling the world for months now...nevertheless, her outfit was the best I found this weekend.



After a day at the sunny beach we had a lovely diner in a tapas restaurant! This was my outfit, bought this black top last week at primark! It's a copy of the white version I own from Zara! Today I will go to amsterdam again to meet up with my best friend Emeline.





Outfit from last week, went to the Mode Fabriek ( Fashion Factory )Different labels presented there new collection! I went with my colleagues and we had a really nice day! But all SO tired..The night before my bf gave a house warming party, lovely people and drinks and not so much sleep:p

Have a coffee date with my friend now, work till 5 and after work I will go to my sister in Amsterdam! Busy weekend! XXX




sstars and stripes & ACNE. two of my great obsessions. what´s yours? xx


Finally, some real summer temperatures! I came across this blouse while cleaning out my closet. Love it combined with these Dolce & Gabbana heels.