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Greetings from Holland

I am known for being a little bit cheesy. I am a sucker for romantic comedies, like to think I am Beyonce when I dance around in my appartment and when I throw a surprise party there has to be a very hysterical 'Surprise!' when the lights go on (I might even cry). But hey, what's wrong with all that? So to top all that, some time ago we did an outfit shoot in a field filled with tullips. OMG, how cheesy can it get? We didn't photograph the shoes, so you'll never know if I was wearing wooden shoes :)  


St. Stephan´s Cathedral //  CHANEL // spanish riding school // the opera // HERMES // the plague column //  pretty coaches all over vienna  // st. charles church // museum of modern art
vienna is such an amazing city! will definitely come back and discover this city more! xx

Badstuestræde…Olivia, Copenhagen



Quick post! Have to work now, long day again!

Hope you like it! Enjoy your day!

Love Roos

[ Alexander Wang Shoes ]



Love the combination of the two different prints!


Sources:Stockholm Streetstyle, Sartorialist, Streetsfn, Tommy Tom,, Song of Style, 21A, Streetpeeper, All the pretty birds, ?¿?¿
Love denim jackets, I've more than five in my closet with different cut and denim tones, my last adquisition was a vintage Levi's that I posted a few days ago, and now I am thinking in buying another one for an easy "DIY"... Have a lovely day!! 


WHAT YOU´RE LOOKING AT (from left to right):
planning my first outfit to the opening of frequency festival * on the train in good company with interview mag, my acne jacket and lana del rey * ice cream time * yummy breakfast + morning coffee * prettiest dining room ever at the hotel * ed sheeran and moi (OMG, he was so amazing) * my daily make-up routine * the obligatory elevator shot! :)