Wearing my new striped blouse, perfect for casual looks!

White lines


I have used the brilliant harnesses Niels Brinkman makes before in multiple shoots (see here) but as soon as I laid my eyes on the white ones he recently produced I could not resist and try it on myself.
I surely was inspired by the lines and extended it into the full look.


the streetstyle pics i shot at the peace and love festival are finally online!

check them out at New Yorker´s Festival Magazine, Festival Zine. HERE:




The first pictures we've shoot after the holidays. Back to basic...

Real life has started again, work, but no school for 2 months so I have some days off!

After being back in Holland I decided to only buy what I really like. The most readers will probably know that I'm a black and white girl, but this summer I brought some color in to my life. But the thing is...I wear it once, and then I don't like it anymore. And I never have that problem with a black or white garment. So from now on I will only buy timeless, basic pieces that I can wear all the time, summer and winter!

( did some shopping yesterday and bought some really nice , basic, pieces haha )

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At Melt Festival pt.2


Mickey Invasion

Mickey invasion on my new sweatshirt, I know I'm a bit childish but I love this type of items and I have more than just one piece in the closet. It's an obsession :P!

Have a great Wednesday!