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Bought this white trench dress last week, it's made of soft linnen so it's really comfortable to wear!

Leather Jackets…Jana & Basti, Berlin



There he is..My cute little baby nephew <3


In the ray of light


We have had our lasts shoots and currently I'm finishing everything to finally be able to enjoy the summer vacation.
Besides clearing my mind and not being restless for once I'm looking forward to both my trip to Barcelona as reading the books I rented.
I often wish that besides having the Terence Koh appearance I would be able to read fourteen books at the same time, same as he does.
One of the books I started reading is how luxury lost it's luster by Dana Thomas.
The fearless journalist has travelled all over the world to show how so many designer goods have gone to hell in a handbag.
I still have many pages left to read but will definitely recommend the book for those who are curious and fascinated in a honest view into how the multibillion-dollar luxury industry works.

Inspiration Green Parka

Parkas are my perfect outwear for rainy days and spring weather. I wear it very often, therefore decided to share with you guys some street style inspirations of stylish girls in parkas!
I hope you like it!
Big kiss and see you tomorrow!


What I was wearing in Venice. A simple and basic outfit because it was way to warm!

We had a great day together, and enjoyed venice to the fullest!

Have to run now, have an appointment at the hairdresser! SCARY!

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Trend-attitude: Fashion Week in Berlin

Stripes and a lot of pink at Escada Sport

Greek dresses and turbans at Dimitri.

Mr. Marc Jacobs in Berlin for the final show of the Designer for Tomorrow Award.

The winner of the Designer for Tomorrow Award is Leandro Cano with his significant leather designs.

Waving dresses by Dawid Tomaszewski.

Colourful  dresses at Laurél.

Turquoise, blue and metal at HUGO by Hugo Boss.

My favourite one: plissé maxi skirt and leather top in bronze at Blacky Dress.

Here is a small overview of the highlights of the berlin fashion week. I saw a lot of shows and visited some events and came back with an overload of inspirations. My favourite shows were Dawid Tomaszewski, Escada Sport, Irina Schrotter, Designer for Tomorrow and many more. Prints and structures seems to be the most important fashion trends for spring / summer 2013.