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Trend-attitude: darlings of the week

I can't believe it, after a long period of rainy wheather, summer is back in Germany! I'm so glad to have the chance to wear all my favourite summer pieces, which was a challenge while 16 degrees and rain during the last few weeks. At the moment, I am so in love with the cute cotton blouse with white eyelet embroidery from New Yorker. It is so feminine and reminds me of my childhood. I remember, that eyelet embroidery was also a trend in the 90ies and I was wearing a dress like that as a child. Nevertheless, this blouse is my  darling of the week. I wear it with the white denim shorts. White-on-white is just the best summer look and will look even better, if you would add turquoise color accessories, also statement earrings are currently on trend. This outfit reminds me of summer vacation and the spirit of the mediterranean sea. Imagine you would stay in Capri, Greece or Saint Tropez, this styling is perfect for a vacation.

Anne :-)



I’ve received these Ray Ban sunglasses last week, and today is the fist time that I’m able to wear them, because the sun hasn’t been shining a lot the past couple of days here in The Netherlands!

White ||

A while ago I rediscovered the minimalistic necklace Jasper once gave me and wore it again today.
To break the whites I wore a hint of beige and rose which resulted in subtle lines and colors.
In my opinion there is nothing better then rediscovering old pieces and combining them with the new.
Not so long ago I took out every garment I do not wear anymore out of my closet and started building a more timeless wardrobe.
There are a few pieces left that will provide me the timeless wardrobe I'm pursuing and I'm hoping to find some of those in Barcelona next week.

Men in Paris pt.1



i couldn´t let go how amazing my golf bag in black is so immediately after i saw that it was 50% on sale, it was a DONE deal.
just had to have it!


White is the new black, or actually white is like black for me.

I could combine endlessly with these two 'colors'.

Wearing my new JW Anderson for ALDO heels today! I must say that most of the time I hate white shoes, they can look cheap and trashy, but these heels are true perfection for me!

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Blue is Blue…Marie, Paris

Hope you recognize the details in this photo. Just by accident! :D