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Hello there, meet my new friends!

Last week I bought these comfortable beauties at Delicious, the clothing shop I'm working in. This is the first season we're selling New Balance and my boyfriend and I both bought the same shoes;)

Also wearing a new sweater wich I bought last week in Amsterdam. More to show you soon!

[ Shoes New Balance , Leather shots Vintage ]



"Eating soft ice cream, Coney Island queen". Coney Island is known for it’s hot dogs and also it’s soft serve and i've never seen something like this little paradise. You feel like a little girl, or maybe a boy, in a world full of carousels, candies, strange people and fast food. Seriously this is better than Charlies' Chocolate Factory! Everything seems to be unreal and the icing on the cake is the beach and the 3$ mango with lemon.  

Pink, Nude & Grey

Love my new pink shorts with paillettes, i paired it together with an oversize blazer and the result is always chic and comfy. Do you like it?

Have a lovely day!



Love this combination of these colours together!

Greetings from Holland

I am known for being a little bit cheesy. I am a sucker for romantic comedies, like to think I am Beyonce when I dance around in my appartment and when I throw a surprise party there has to be a very hysterical 'Surprise!' when the lights go on (I might even cry). But hey, what's wrong with all that? So to top all that, some time ago we did an outfit shoot in a field filled with tullips. OMG, how cheesy can it get? We didn't photograph the shoes, so you'll never know if I was wearing wooden shoes :)  


St. Stephan´s Cathedral //  CHANEL // spanish riding school // the opera // HERMES // the plague column //  pretty coaches all over vienna  // st. charles church // museum of modern art
vienna is such an amazing city! will definitely come back and discover this city more! xx

Badstuestræde…Olivia, Copenhagen