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There are is only one life and it's how you create it.
I will be turning 21 on sunday and even though I'm far from where I want to be, I'm proud of where I am today.

At Ports 1961…Deng Chao, Milan


Tie dye

After seeing what felt like 100 different DIY-tie dye-tutorials, I decided to give it a try. And it actually turned out pretty great! One small problem, you have to wash your jeans at least five times before the bleach smell disappears... Have you tried it out yet? XO


Yesterday I got a lot of questions on instagram about my shirt. To bad it is not a real Chanel, the brand name is: Coco de chouette. I bought it a few years ago in a webshop and I have no idea if it's still on the market.

Went to my parents yesterday, cleaned my house, made some delicious diner for the bf and the rest of the evening was all about relaxing! What are your plans today? I have to work till six, hope I can shoot some outfits pics later!





hello there!  with my super cool editorial nickname young and wild files i'll show you my youthfull life, which is full of events, travels, inspirations and shopping trips. since 4 years i have my own blog called shiggersonstreet, but nevertheless I am excited to start blogging and providing this network with an inspiring content. Come to the wild side.



Photos in courtesy of Jasper Rens van Es and Ilanka Verhoeven
For some reason I have separated the what I like to call the two different worlds I live in, but ever since the blog has had it changes and thinking about it over and over again I found now was the right time to share.
For a half year now I have been working together with my partner Jasper Rens Van Es as a creative duo were Jasper is the photographer and I'm the stylist.
Ever since the day I stepped into the first day at the academy of arts I knew I wanted to become a stylist.
However since Jasper and I both think the academy doesn't cover enough when it comes to what we want to achieve so we decided to take matter in our own hands by taking up any free time we have to shoot.
I can not even describe how it good it feels every time I step foot into the studio and start working.
It makes me feel complete.
In the little time we have been working we have both had great publications as learning experiences.
The biggest surprise to me was the fact that I was more then convinced that I would become a female stylist I'm now leaning towards menswear.
I find it more refreshing and challenging and I guess that is what I have been looking for.
We are currently working on new concepts and I can not wait to start shooting again.
You can find my portfolio here, for those who are curious to see all the series and publications we have shot.
From now on this will also be a part of the blog since it is a part of me and a part I would like to share.


having a pink moment as of late.
i think it´s the lovely weather. :)
anyway, loving the last pic where that guy is stealing my thunder.
so funny.