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Currently visiting beautiful Sigtes.


Strawberry Jeans Forever

Today's post makes a nod to the great song "Strawberry Fields Forever" (The Beatles) that I love, because I'm obsessed with my new strawberry jeans I could wear them everyday! I've pair them with light colors, a leopard bag and my new fluoro bracelets! Have a lovely day!


the other way around

Wearing my striped blouse as a skirt together with my favourite Dolce & Gabbana heels!

Those Pants…Milano

One more photo from Milan. End of the week I will shoot in Copenhagen.


Mixing prints

  I love the fact that you can go all the way when it comes to mixing prints this season. I chose to combine flowers with tigers and for that extra 'umpf' I added a statement necklace. What's your favorite print-combination? XO


2 of my favorite things at the moment.
this watch and influence book from mary kate and ashley olsen!
it is very old but still doesn´t stop to inspire!
one particular quote from john galliano:
"be reckless enough to gamble all or nothing to follow your dreams."
i am off to work so all of you who doesn´t have to work, ENJOY the sun.
know that i will be secretly rooting that it pours today. haha


Major picture overload. This was a fast shoot, because of the bad weather and wind but the pictures turned out really well and I couldn't choose. So you can see lots of pictures today!

Wearing my new silver jacket wich I bought in sale for only 15 euro! Paired it up with my Acne look a like pistol boots. It's a basic outfit, but you all know thats me! Had a really lazy day today.. Was in bed until 12, watched television and visited some online shops. This is what I do when you have a day off, your boyfriend is to work, your friends are working or on vacation and your parents are visiting your family in Sweden. But I had to dress up to do some groceries because other wise I didn't had anything to eat:p Kind of pathetic right?