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the most intriguing show in Paris was definitely that of Hedi Slimane´s first collection for Saint Laurent (previously Yves Saint Laurent), hands down. the change of name, the cathy horyn incident, blah blah blah. there were mixed opinions of course. more bad than good. to be honest though, i liked it. yes, it was not world breaking but i did not expect that (nor from any other designer) so the disappointment is little. it was very dark kinda leaning to "bohemian gothic" already as i call it. the wide brimmed hat was definitely the key piece! so i dug up my hat collection eventually. not everyone is as lucky as Lady Gaga (who was already seen with the clothes from the runway some days after the show) after all. PS: the quest for finding an affordable wider brimmed hat is still not finished though. the wider the better! PPS: will never get over the fact that Hedi was so brave to change a name of a house that has been established for ages already. nobody does such bravery anymore. maybe it´s a wrong move, maybe not, but still you gotta give the man some credits! xx

Mitte – Janina, Berlin



Meet my new leo coat! Last week I went to Amsterdam for this coat and also this amazing leather pants. These two items are a part of the christmas collection by malene birger. I absolutely adore this coat, you do have to wear it with an all black outfit otherwise it can look silly, but he look at the colors, the shape, the details...WAUW! haha..

Did you all have a great weekend? I did! Friday night drinks with my girl marjolein, saturday game night with another couple and sunday relaxing day! Today I also have a day of but I have to do lots of things for school and my mom will come by.

Enjoy your day!



Inspiration: Military

Sources: Streetsfn, Tommy Tom, Stockholm Streetstyle, Sartorialist, Vanessa Jackman, ?¿

Here are some inspirationing ideas how to wear your army jacket, Enjoy!

Happy Monday guys!


Lost and found


With the last beautiful day we will probably have this month there was no way I was going to wear pants again so I decided to wear something warm and cozy up top and a skirt beneath.
The past few days have been quite busy with the academy, working on shoots and starting my new job at Ansh46.
I really enjoy what I do and when I think of the times when I was younger when I had no clue of what I wanted to do and basically did nothing because I had no goal, I can not imagine having that at this point in my life.
I realize how grateful I'm to have found what I have been missing and wouldn't trade it for anything.
There is nothing more enjoyable then to be able to do what you love the most.


Love the fall atmosphere on these photos!

CHANEL Spring 2013

I'm obsessed with this collection!!