Wearing my favourite Dolce & Gabbana heels for the first time, combined with a casual outfit!



Currently into layers which does not exactly fit the time of the year but here the weather is far from summer (imagine wearing a coat on top while it's July).
Luckily I will be leaving for Barcelona soon but before that there are some busy days ahead such as tomorrow were I will be having two shoots in Amsterdam.


this was my outfit for the fund raising event i attended in Chianti, Tuscany last week!

would you guess that this suit was only 25 euros together? BEST SALE PURCHASE EVER!

happy monday guys!




Hi guys!

First thing you will notice today is my new hair! For those who are following me on instagram (moderosa) will probably know that I dyed my hair last week! I can tell you it was terrible! I went to the hair dresser with a picture of olivia palermo, she had a hair color that I really liked! It was some kind of ombre.. So I was sitting there, and after 5 hours I was still sitting there. The first time they dyed my hair I didn't see anything different than normal, after showing them the picture again they thought it was necessary to add some high lights in to my hair.. After 5 hours of sitting in a chair ( instead of shopping with my friend grmpff ) I became blond, instead of hair color on the picture. After 2 days seeing myself in the mirror I went to the drugstore to buy a package of hair dye to color it myself. And this is the result, it's ombre after all! But I really like it, what about you?


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Yesterday I got a message from my niece, she sent me this picture!

Can you guess who I am?

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Love the combination of these soft colors, perfect colors for summer!