A few years ago I would never wear black and blue together. I really hated it when I saw people walking with these two colors. But as you can see, a few years later I love to wear these colors together.

This was last saturday, first I had a bbq and later we went to a party, so actually this is my party outfit. Most of the people in Holland don't dress up for a 'normal' party. So no skirts, dresses, high heels and tons of make up for me.

I've done the dressing up, and I always kill my feet with high heels. That's also a reason why I choose for some comfy shoes, to dance all night long!

[ Vintage Short , Sendra Cowboy Boots ]




A pattern that never fails: Polka Dots are the stars of todays outfit. I love my new skirt because you can wear it in many different ways, but my favorite -  a combination of white top and dark blue, nude and yellow accessories.

Do you like it? Big Kiss!!!




  Still can't believe my boyfriend was just in time to photograph the ladybird flying away from my hand. Cool picture huh? These pictures were taken a while ago, but I still like this look a lot so I wanted to share it with you. Love how it's comfy but kind of cool at the same time. Agree? XO


Bought this dress a couple of weeks ago, love it so much, it's classic and minimal!

The time is now

There is simply no time to sit around and wait for something to happen.


Is New York Fashion Week