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OUTFIT | 181212

Goodmorning! Todays outfit! Black on black again, I  love playing with different textures and fabrics! Today I have a day off, my only day off until christmas..I will do my best to keep my blog updated until then!

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We may not write our own story but fill in the blanks.


Stripes & Khaki

I knew this striped jumper was going to be one of my favorites for everyday. It's a basic item, but it has something what makes any outfit special. Most importantly, it goes with everything , that's why I put it the suitcase for the travel to Lisbon. This time I wear it with the khaki jeans, studded bag  and my comfy creepers. Do you like it?

Spui – Petra, Amsterdam

Right now I'm in Amsterdam and I love how the Dutch people dress. So you can expect more photos in the next days.


One more jewel from Paris



Finally I can show you the result of the photo shoot in Paris! I love the pictures so much! I had so much fun together with annemiek, anjelica and sara! Hope you like it! Wich one is your favorite? photographer: tadaocern


Today I want to tell you a bit more about GLOSSY BOX


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On the photos you can see the december GLOSSY BOX! And I love all the products! You can get this one now, or go for the GOLDEN GLOSSY BOX! I have no idea whats in it, but it's exclusive for christmas! You can give it to yourself or as a gift to some one else! The GOLDEN GLOSSY BOX has 5 full size products in it!

So if you like surprises and beauty you should defiantly get yourself a GLOSSY BOX once;)

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