Wearing my red coat which has been in my closet for ages, but haven't worn it a lot since!


hello guys!
yesterday, the post man brought this amazing lace dress to my doorstep and as luck would have it, the weather was very cooperative for a quick shoot in my favorite place in the whole wide world!
the christmas party dress dilemma is sorted early this year, what a relief!
ps: and such a shame that i haven´t worn these YSL boots for such a long time.. i still love them so much like the first time i´ve gotten them.


What is your favorite outfit? Let me know, i'm curious!

XXX Roos



Burgundy sweater and mini skirt with studs, two of my favorite pieces of this season together in an outfit, don't you agree that these two are the perfect couple?

Happy Monday!




When it comes to accessories I like to keep it as minimalistic as possible.
Over the past year I have created this obsession with rose gold jewelry and ever since all I wear has to be rose gold.
I received this cuff almost two years ago from my dear Jasper and worn it to pieces.
While surfing on the web I found the cuff on sale and decided to buy it since I had to throw the other one away and missed something on my wrist.
Like the other one, it hurts as fuck but at least it's pretty right?

Jardin des Tuileries – Leo Coat, Paris