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Winterlook 4/4

i want to apologize for my lack of posting lately, but unfortunately my family is having a hard time at the moment..  but here's my fourth winterlook i've styled for new yorker. it was a really cool experience to play three roles at once. thanks ruta again!


hello guys!
how have you been?
so sorry for the slow posting..
everytime i come home from work, it is already dark (exactly how i left home!).
so frustrating..
anyway, these pictures were taken in exactly 2 minutes. it also takes exactly 2 minutes to freeze my bum!
how gorgeous is my fedora?

The fall


After a while of saving I recently purchased a new camera and I couldn't be happier.
My previous one was about to die and it had a hard time focussing.
I'm planning on creating some new contents since my new camera will provide certain things I could not do before.
I do have to get used and figure everything out but at least it provides sharp photos.
While running some errands two days ago along with my boyscout Jasper I found myself these pants on sale and couldn't resist taking them home.
I did have to wear two coats since it is too fucking cold here in the Netherlands to compensate the exposed ankles so I probably won't wear these pants too often the next couple of months but definitely in the future.


Wearing my Isabel Marant sneakers, combined with my favourite poncho, it's perfect for the cold days!


After searching for months, maybe years I found a nice and affordable leather pants. This one is from selected femme, already saw it in real life and the leather is really soft. Now waiting for my size, hope to receive it tomorrow! Can't wait to make some cool outfits with it! What do you think of this one?


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1 MICHAEL KORS metallic sneakers 2 ISABEL MARANT bazil sneakers 3 ISABEL MARANT berry boots 4 ALEXANDER WANG ismini boots 5 studded peeptoe boots snow is pretty alright but i couldn´t be bothered to go out today so i had my "heavy" reading planned together with a big cup of tea and leftover santa candies from yesterday. :) my 100 contemporary fashion designers book arrived and it is interesting to read about the genius who designed some of my favorite footwear. Alexander Wang said: "Create clothes/ shoes that have a familiarity and wearability, but constantly push the limits of how people perceive the latter." i couldn´t have said it better. he has made sportswear so wearable that they are even considered being basics. ANYWAY, which is your favorite pair? (i think this will be one of the lasts of the shoe project.. 2 pairs are still to be photographed! 44 pairs so far for 2012!)

Herengracht – Fritzi, Amsterdam

Love her accessoires.