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Love to wear sneakers with classic looks!


hey guys!
i just realized that i haven´t shown you an outfit with these boots (ironic actually, when i have been wearing it to death) here on the blog.
anyway, i had a blast thrifting/ vintage shopping/ or what have you at FREE P STAR in the marais on my quick trip to paris.
loads of treasures to be uncovered beneath those boxes on the corner i tell ya.
it´s where i found this belt.
5 friggin euros! AHHH


I love to watch at all the pictures of stockholm street style, but my favorite is models of duty.Pretty girls with awesome make up and most of the time an amazing style of fashion!This is one of the girls I really like, her face is beautiful and she wears her outfit so good! Casual but really stylish.



Some random inspirations, I haven’t seen a single collection yet of fashion week except some random images!


One of the best things we've done in New York was this friggin awesome CBGB festival. As you might know we're uber fans of mother monster/lady gaga and his exboyfriend lüc carl. So we had to go to this festival, because my dreamboy lüc was hosting this metal, rock festival. Without a clue which bands will perform we went to highline ballroom and waited for our god. After Bebe Buells or the dirty pearls perfomance, we can't take our eyes off lüc hehe - such a smart man. It was one of the best nights i had in NY, because i felt like a rockstar between all this super cool long haired men, which wearing cowboy boots and bandshirts.



the reason for our paris trip was actually to go to disneyland with miguel.
i have been gone almost every weekend this summer so we promised the little one that as soon as all the festival trips are done, we will go together.
he was one year old when we went to disneyland in hong kong the last time so i hope this trip stays in his memory.
his HUGE smile, his amusement, his nervous heartbeat upon seeing mickey mouse.. SO PRICELESS.
this is exactly why i work hard.

London Fashion Week pt.2