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Outfit from last week, wearing some new stuff that I bought in Londen!

Camo trousers from topshop and a really cool coatwithoutsleeves thing:p

[shoes alexander wang]



if there is ONE pair of shoes that i have been longing, searching (read: HUNTING) for so long now, i guess it would be the elusive isabel marant bazil (or bekett) sneakers. i have been on the wait list in all of the online shops you could imagine for god knows how long in any color that would be available (but always preferred this ecru one which is unfortunately like the holy grail) but never, i mean NEVER managed to track them down. so when i arrived in paris, my first stop was of course the avenue victor hugo, where a new store has opened! it was a majorrr feeling in there. i mean all the sales assistant were wearing isabel marant head to toe and they had EVERY shoe you could ever dream of. i tried em all, but my heart definitely belongs to these sneakers. and like almost all fairy tales end, WE LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER. xx

Lines of freedom


I believe in the person I want to become.


Insta diary from the past two weeks! as you can see really busy and I really enjoyed it!

Amsterdam, Londen, shopping, working, food, drinks and lots of other stuff..


Via Sirtori – Marta, Milano


Military Trend

I'm in love with the military trend, and you?



shooting outfits for the blog means miguel wanting his picture taken as well in between. :)
the weather has been great the last days here.
sometimes even more than 20 degrees (thus the bare legs).
anyway, i will. wear. these. sneakers. until. they. fall. apart.
that´s what i keep on telling myself to somehow justify the amount of moolah i´ve shelled out for these.