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Military Trend

I'm in love with the military trend, and you?



shooting outfits for the blog means miguel wanting his picture taken as well in between. :)
the weather has been great the last days here.
sometimes even more than 20 degrees (thus the bare legs).
anyway, i will. wear. these. sneakers. until. they. fall. apart.
that´s what i keep on telling myself to somehow justify the amount of moolah i´ve shelled out for these.

At Miu Miu…Paris



My last Londen outfit. All black again..

Have to run now, work is calling;)




Lost and found


With the last beautiful day we will probably have this month there was no way I was going to wear pants again so I decided to wear something warm and cozy up top and a skirt beneath.
The past few days have been quite busy with the academy, working on shoots and starting my new job at Ansh46.
I really enjoy what I do and when I think of the times when I was younger when I had no clue of what I wanted to do and basically did nothing because I had no goal, I can not imagine having that at this point in my life.
I realize how grateful I'm to have found what I have been missing and wouldn't trade it for anything.
There is nothing more enjoyable then to be able to do what you love the most.

Baseball Top



Best Bookshop in Paris

Here comes another handy hint for you guys: If you are in Paris (or want to go) I recommend you the bookshop in Palais de Tokyo! It is a unique and beautiful bookshop that is open until midnight. And you could really need that time to browse through all books, catalogues and magazines about fashion, art, architecture, music, design and many more. The bookshop is inside Palais de Tokyo, just on the right side behind a wall of glass. It is open to the public so the entrance is for free. I am sure you will like it as much as I did. I fell in love with all kinds of fashion books and magazines and I was hard to choose what to buy, because my suitcase was to heavy and full already. PALAIS DE TOKYO13 avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris