interior two

HAPPY NEW YEAR my lovely readers!! Thanks for all your nice comments and thanks new yorker and ruta for believing in me. Here you can see the best pictures from my new years eve. I've celebrated in the shit shop with my best friends in berlin mitte. <3 we'll rock 2013!!


interior one

besides fashion, interior design is my undiscovered passion. i love to check home blogs, diy interior blogs or look throught hundreds of living tumblrs. on this two pictures i really love how they painted the wall. this dirty black let me think about doing the same in my room. man, this looks awesome!


Winterlook 4/4

i want to apologize for my lack of posting lately, but unfortunately my family is having a hard time at the moment..  but here's my fourth winterlook i've styled for new yorker. it was a really cool experience to play three roles at once. thanks ruta again!



here's my 3rd look i've styled for new yorker. when i saw this burgundy faux leather vest i knew: i love it. i'm obsessed with everything of leather. leather pants, jackets, vests, shoes, caps, tees and so on. i combined it with a simple black longsleeve, grey skinny jeans and black boots. hope you like it!



today I’m showing you my second look I've styled for New Yorker. Like usual I kept it very simple with a pair of faux leather pants and a thick knit, perfect for the upcoming winter season. Sidenote: a lot of you guys asked me where I've bought the animal skull – I found it in a small interior store near my hometown. But if you check ebay, you will find something similar!



all from new yorker, except the shoes are rick owens // in the next days i'll show you four looks i shot for new yorker and whatstrend. they asked me if i'd like to shoot my fave winter looks, so i did three jobs at once: photographer, model and stylist. can't wait to upload the other results!



One of my favorite places here in berlin is the amano rooftop bar in berlin mitte.  you have a splendid view,  in summer they have the best selfmade lemonade, in winter the best hot chocolate and sometimes you can enjoy some live music as well. the seats are so cozy that you think youre in a snuggery aaaaand you feel like jack from titanic, with one exception: you would say i can see the fernsehturm, not the statue of liberty. // amano hotel dachterrasse, Auguststraße 43, 10119 Berlin.    



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