Best Bookshop in Paris

Here comes another handy hint for you guys: If you are in Paris (or want to go) I recommend you the bookshop in Palais de Tokyo! It is a unique and beautiful bookshop that is open until midnight. And you could really need that time to browse through all books, catalogues and magazines about fashion, art, architecture, music, design and many more. The bookshop is inside Palais de Tokyo, just on the right side behind a wall of glass. It is open to the public so the entrance is for free. I am sure you will like it as much as I did. I fell in love with all kinds of fashion books and magazines and I was hard to choose what to buy, because my suitcase was to heavy and full already. PALAIS DE TOKYO13 avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris


Place de la Bastille

Hello beauties! Here comes another outfit from Paris. I was wearing my favorite and super old leather jacket from New Yorker, combined with t-shirt and jeans and some more leather on my feet: my beloved Alexander Wang boots. I really like the location we chose, a quiet and lovely street near "Place de la Bastille" (one of my favorite places in Paris). Hope you like it as well. Bisous!


Instagram: Paris Fashion Week

As I am lying sick in my bed all I can do is to think of Paris Fashion Week and browse through about 9725652 pictures. It was my third and (for sure) my best season and of course I have captured as much as I could with my cameras and Instagram. Now it's time to share some happiness with you! For detailed descriptions go to my blog Hoard of Trends. Follow me on Instagram: @hoardoftrends


la tour eiffel

When you think of Paris, what picture comes to your mind? You probably think of "la Tour Eiffel", the iron lady and Paris' most famous symbol. During my six stays in Paris I have never managed to get up there - I was only near or in front of it. But this time I decided to take some time and finally visit the iron lady. Here is my tip for you: If you don't want to wait in queue for hours at the lift entrance, you should put on your flat shoes and choose the stairs entrance, because you will not have to wait long to get in. I decided to climb up 704 steps (ah, easy!) to the 2nd floor and to enjoy a wonderful and unique view over Paris. Otherwise three lifts (North, East, and West) can take you up to the 1st and 2nd floors (115m). If you want to go to the top (276m), you need to change lifts again at the 2nd floor. La Tour Eiffel / Champ de Mars in Paris /


Bisous & Le Marais

Bonjour! I'm pretty sure that this was my last summer outfit of this year - with shorts and kisses (bisous) on my blouse. I wore it on sunny monday in Paris while strolling around at "Jardin des Tuileries" and "Le Marais".The Marais is my favorite neighbourhood, which is in the 3rd and 4th arrondissements (districts) of Paris. It is not only historical thanks to many museums, it is also very fashionable too. Here you can find all the french Shops like Isabel Marant, Sandro, The Kooples and April 77 next to really cool restaurants like "Caffee Soprano" (great pasta! in 38 Rue Bayen) or  "La Briciola" (best pizza! in 64 Rue Charlot). You can also find great bars if you want to go out at night. I think the best is to take Metro line 1 to Saint Paul and then stroll around the streets like Rue de Turenne, Rue Vieille de Temple, Rue de Bretagne and Rue des Archives. You will find lots of nice shops, cafes and restaurants and good looking french people with a trés chic style!



The Parisian fashion house Chloé celebrates its 60th anniversary with an exhibition at Plais de Tokyo called “Chloé: Attitudes”. On September 28th the exhibition was opened at the modern art museum with a huge and amazing party (where I've met Elin Kling - yay). It features over 70 designs, lots of original drawings and editorial pictures. If you are in Paris you should really stop by and take a look. I tell you so because this is a must-see if you are into fashion and because it costs you no penny. Entry is free and you have time to go until November 18th.


bonjour de paris!

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Magdalena and I am a 24 year old Fashion Journalism student living in Berlin. But I am really fascinated about everything in Paris - the people, the fashion, the lifestyle and the city itself. So it makes sense now to call my blog for WhatsTrend "Paris files", right? I want to share my experiences and my love for this city with you guys. In the next days/weeks there will be posts about this seasons Fashion Week, some shopping-guides, my personal style and inspiring pictures of Europes most beautiful city. As a real Fashionista you know for sure that it is Paris Fashion Week right now. And this is exactly why I am here again (my 6th time in Paris, my 3rd time PFW): to cover some really cool shows and write about them on my blog and now on "Paris files" too. Stay tuned!



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