Finally a new outfit! Sorry for the lack of updates this week but I'm just to busy.

Today I have to work and after work I will have to run to catch my flight to paris! Can't wait! This weekend I will meet the other girls from whats trend and I'm really excited!

It will be fun! And I will do my best to keep you updated on instagram, facebook and twitter!

[ boyfriends leather vintage jacket, sendra cowboy boots ]



i always fall back to this color once autumn/ winter comes! do you associate a color to each season? PS: i finally found the perfect leather quilted shorts! SCORREEE! xx

Fine line

With the days getting colder a warm coat is a must therefore I mostly wear the one my mother made me.
A pair of jeans is the perfect basic to wear on a regular basis and during the colder days I like to wear them with a pair of thermal leggings underneath.
However the stubborn dumb ass I am came up with the idea of wearing a pair of pointy pumps which do not only hurtas fuck but aren't exactly appropriate for current weather.
O well we all suffer every now and then to look good right?


all from new yorker, except the shoes are rick owens // in the next days i'll show you four looks i shot for new yorker and whatstrend. they asked me if i'd like to shoot my fave winter looks, so i did three jobs at once: photographer, model and stylist. can't wait to upload the other results!


Over The Knee Boots


Rue de l’École-de-Médecine – Friends, Paris



Wearing my favourite suede boots from Stuart Weitzman, they're so comfortable to walk despite the high heel!