what i really love are tattoos. with 16 i got my first one and now its like a little addiction! during a tattoo session i always think about new ones so i distract myself hehe okay ladies and gents let me introduce you my small tattoo selection and their meanings!

1st one: the birth dates from my mum and my dad in roman numbers. 2nd: one eye, a shine and the lettering "this is forever" as a metapher for my brother that he always watching over me. 3rd: a circle for "without an end" and an anchor for "hope". 4th: the lettering "heroes" is a tribute to david bowies "heroes" and my memories of berlin. 5th: the lettering "boys dont cry" is a tribute to the cure and a little bit sarcastic. 6th: the letterings "égalité" and "liberté" stands for the gay communtiy.  


Casual outfit for an afternoon of shopping, wearing a jumpsuit with hearts, wedges and my awesome hippie backpack :). Big kiss and happy Friday!


After Rochas – Paris Fashion Week


bonjour de paris!

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Magdalena and I am a 24 year old Fashion Journalism student living in Berlin. But I am really fascinated about everything in Paris - the people, the fashion, the lifestyle and the city itself. So it makes sense now to call my blog for WhatsTrend "Paris files", right? I want to share my experiences and my love for this city with you guys. In the next days/weeks there will be posts about this seasons Fashion Week, some shopping-guides, my personal style and inspiring pictures of Europes most beautiful city. As a real Fashionista you know for sure that it is Paris Fashion Week right now. And this is exactly why I am here again (my 6th time in Paris, my 3rd time PFW): to cover some really cool shows and write about them on my blog and now on "Paris files" too. Stay tuned!



It's time to wear some color! Today I'm wearing my burgundy trousers that I bought last winter! After putting it in the back of the closet I found it back last week! And it's perfect to combine with black and white! Also did something different with the hair, it's really messy today and I kinda like it!

Have to work today, do you already have plans for the weekend?

[ Shoes Alexander Wang , Leather jacket , Bag Alexander Wang ]




hello guys!
here´s another dress i scored in paris that i wanted to show you..
isn´t it the perfect dress to just slip into when everything else is just damn too complicated?
i like how it resembles a nightie. so rumi neely. LOL

Calvin Klein Spring-Summer 2013

I leave you with some snapshots I shot with my iPhone during Calvin Klein Spring Summer 2013 fashion show, I loved it: minimalism and elegance in dresses and suits, black and white color,  simple lines. Francisco Costa has experimented with fabric, shape and volume.  I still can`t believe I have actually participated  in some of the shows during  the Fashion Week in New York, it has been a dream come true. I hope you enjoy these snapshots :) A big kiss!