This is one of my favorite outfits for summer evenings. I used to go for a vacation to North of Spain where the weather is a little bit cooler than Madrid, therefore boots, a sweater and a denim jacket  is a must have!  I love to wear these boots with lace dresses, skirts, colored shorts, jeans and the truth is, they go with everything :)




Ph. credit; various tumblr’s & Architectural Digest.

It has been a while since my last Interior post, I thought it would be nice to share my current inspirations!


i am not really the bodycon dress wearing gal (baby belly and all) but when i saw the print on this dress, i just had to!
not to mention, the back of my givenchy sandals matches perfectly with it!
the sun was setting when we shot these pics. gotta love the evening sun!



Türkischer Markt…Summertime with Helen pt.1



1:At the beach 2. New Zara shoes 3:Portrait of me 4: Also at the beach with my cite hat and glasses 5: Outfit with my new Also shoes 6: Good pictures of the beauties 7: Other new shoes from Zara 8: Me and a little bit of the bf at the beach club 9: Other day in the sun with a friend.

1. Breakfast 2: Bf playing a song for me 3: Outfit 4: Lunch at Bagels&Beans 5: Me and the bf 6: Made some cupcakes for work 7: Diner time 8: Me in Venice 9: Photo of my new hair.

1: Oops, I see I used this picture 2 times 2: Amsterdam 3: Goodmorning 4: Another pictures of my hair before I dyed it myself 5: The cutest dog on earth and her name was Sarah 6: My living room 7: Necklace from Bandhu 8: At the hairdresser 9: Pancakes for lunch.

Hello lovely readers! For those who are following me on twitter know that I own a iPhone since 2 months, I really can't live with out my new friend. I already made a Instagram account on my iPad, but I don't bring that thing with me 24/7. But since I have my new friend I'm on instagram all the time, so for those who don't have instagram I will post a diary every week. And for the other ones you can follow me on instagram.


080 Barcelona

Hello guys! This is the outfit that I wore during the 080 Barcelona fashion week last weekend, I decided to wear my favorite ballerina skirt, I don't know what I'd without it, it's perfect for any occasion. Do you like it?



the melt! festival was so far the smallest festival among the 5 other ones we´ve already visited, but somehow one of the best i´ve been to.
the location was great. so great that i must have shot 43786582 pictures of that crane!
the weather was moody (NO SURPRISE!) but i couldn´t complain as sun was shining most of the time!
and the line- up was just awesome. thinking of a better adjective to describe it but yeah, awesome sums it up perfectly!
we really had a great time listening to the rapture & lana del rey, dancing to techno music (which was funny after some cocktails!) and slurping fresh smoothies and eating pierogi.
i hope these pictures somehow depict how great the weekend went. will definitely come back again. actually, I CAN´T WAIT!