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I live my life with purpose and everyday I strive for greatness.



let´s get sentimental. when i was growing up as a kid, we didn´t have much. we weren´t poor (my dad managed to make ends meet) but we definitely couldn´t afford travelling around the world, let alone buy designer stuff. i was happy though. but now that i earn my own money and write this blog, so many doors have been opened for me. i have visited countries that me and my sister only used to look up on our world maps. i can now afford stuff that i only have dreamt about on magazines when i was a teenager. buying a magazine was a luxury. it feels great. but nothing feels better than the moment your kid asks you to go with him to the toilet to poop. OMGGG!



Something More

Testing out a bra top...

Karneval der Kulturen…Pattern Inspiration, Berlin



New in, this rosegold pendant and these two Moneda’s from the brand Mi Moneda!

Stolen faces


Spent the day walking down the streets of The Hague along with my siamese twin Jasper.
Stopped by some stores.
I was looking for some basics and a dress but did not find (except beautiful undergarment) what I was looking for and left with two full bags instead for Jasper.
However they are some garments that I will definitely 'borrow' from him (and never give back).