hey guys!! just wanted to show you this Stine Goya braids sweater aka MOST AMAZING sweater i have ever owned. it is so warm, the braids details are to die for and it´s my first stine goya piece!! WOOT! seen on Hanneli in pale pink HERE. of course i had to pair it with my beetlejuice jeans. no brainer.

wishing you all a lovely weekend rockstars!!


New York Call

I have this sleeveless jumper since I was 19 years old. I used to wear it for going to the university with jeans and sneakers. I thought I have lost it, but the other day I found it in my closet and I decided to wear it for the old times ;)

XOXO Collage Vintage


Headless Henry

I feel like a magician today, probably because of this awesome vintage jacket I got last year in Scotland. Meet Henry the headless sheep whose job is to carry our beautiful whisky glasses and today he kindly carried my bag. Thanks Henry!
Here I'm wearing my black bracelet again together with my shoes that look extra cool because they're a size too small, forcing the zippers to stay open and look like stars. I've had them since before summer and never got around to posting them.
I'm probably starting to bore you with my leather trousers so lucky you you'll get to see even more of them! They provide extra warmth during winter, almost as much as Glühwein (last time I'll mention it!) Tomorrow I'm off to Scotland!

Christmas Market with Maxi! p.1…Berlin

Hope you are in Christmas spirit!?


Dear Santa

I have been a very good and hard working girl this year, so I am dreaming big, dear Santa...


Didn't show you yet my recap of all my October looks! It is already December so expect a recap of all my November looks soon! Xx. Come over to the dark side we have


Ph. credit; I’m so amazed by this Chanel pré fall 2012 collection, the details are so outragious, so PERFECT.