Fate is written in the face


I can hardly keep my eyes open and all I long for is my warm and cozy bed.
I have learned over the years that waking up early isn't one of my strongest points even though I care about having productive days.
I have been staring at my screen to find words to write down but my brain are similar to the ones of a donkey right now.
All I can think of is the fact that we should never take anything for granted because nothing in life is guaranteed.
Having a dream is one thing but accomplishing one takes dedication and motivation.

Snake Dress

Love my new snake print dress, I wore it last friday for a party in the house of my friend Ester! Do you like it?

Have a great day!!! XOXO Collage Vintage



Was wearing this outfit for a shopping trip with my boyfriend in Antwerpen. It's only a 2 hours drive from Amsterdam, so the perfect get the way on a day off. Did get myself some really nice things! Will show that to you in a later post! Stay tuned! Xx. Come over to the dark side we have Candy


Oh, Flowers

Definitely the most popular shirt out there in the moment. And for a monochrome maniac like me it is a real challenge to combine.

in the cold.

It’s really windy outside, but at least it stopped raining for like 5 minutes so I was able to take some photos!


1. Oversized  Coat 2. Watch in Rose Gold 3. Zebra Pumps (i have been craving the boots version for so long, but decided i own way too many boots for my own good, so pumps it is!)

this is my ultimate wishlist this christmas. there may also be other lists under my pillows, just in case. :) and since santa (read: me) has been ultra giving this year, his dwarves might be giftwrapping these things en route to my doorstep right now. MIGHT.

what´s on your list?


Christmas Outfit

Mini golden dress styled with black accessories always is a great choice for a Christmas outfit, do you agree? Next week I'll show you more party outfits, hope you're ready :P Merry Christmas!!