Layering…Aimee, Berlin


the girl with the dragon tattoo.

chanelling my inner Lisbeth Salander today.

got the Millenium Trilogy as a christmas present and even though i just started reading the first book, i am so hooked already!

ps: turning 26 tomorrow (ouch!). but i do feel like i am 18, so not worried at all. lol



I see Stars

I Love asymmetric skirts, they are so fashionable! This skirt, featured in the picture,  is one of my favorites.  I'm a big fan of star print... do you like it?

Have a lovely day!

XOXO. Collage Vintage


Two toned


Even though I am not a girl who buys many basics one of the things I enjoy to have and combine are white blouses.
This two toned blouse is my recent addition to the wardrobe.
It has both a masculine and feminine feel which fits me perfectly.

Say Whhhhhat?

Shocking isn't it :) When I said I got orange hair I wasn't joking at all. I very much love the feeling, it's so refreshing. I will later on, however, switch to a bit darker shade which was my original idea. People are now literally dragging their mouths open on the street :D


These photos make me crave for summer, instead of the cold rainy days!

What Whisky Will Not Cure, There Is No Cure For

These photos were taken at the Glengoyne whisky distillery, which produces the lowest of the highland whiskys (and the tastiest). It is only 10 minutes away from Alasdair's family's house but I had never done a proper tour. I walked away with a very special bottle and slightly tipsy after four different tastings. It was only because of Alasdair that I truly learned to appreciate and love whisky.
I hope you all had the Christmas of your dreams! I know I did. I'm still recovering from a food hangover but am loving sitting in front of the open fire with a book in my hand and a glass of wine.