nude lips. red pants.

sweater & red pants: NEW YORKER

how´s your week so far guys? i am still tired from all the partying last weekend (miguel is three years old already, can you believe it?). i have so much catching up to do, but hey, i am getting there!! i will post some photos of miguel´s party in the next post, promise!



Peter Pan Collar

This season I'm in love with Peter Pan Collars.  Silk blouses are perfect for classic or urban outfits, it only depends how you mix it up. I prefer mixing them with casual denim shorts, it looks fabulous, what do you think?

XOXO. Collage Vintage


Rosalind during Fashion Week, London

I can't believe that this girl is just 16! Take a look at her blog for more inspirational outfits.


My Way

Seeing famous people wearing the same clothes is a strange feeling :)


Dark red!

I'm loving dark red at the moment, wearing my new blazer!

Blown out


Somehow one of my projects at the academy reminded me of this tie dye top which I have combined in multiple ways in the past.
This time I decided to go with flowy fabrics and minimalistic accessorizing creating an vintage inspired look.
Finding yourself is a life long process.

Jess during Fashion Week, London

A new member on my personal list: Best-dressed-people-I-shot-so-far!