Youth knows no pain



While I recently got back from a long day at the academy with at least 20kg wrapped on one shoulder all the blood in my brain got sucked into my shoulder which resulted to a blank mind and page.
I am lost please don't find me.



White And See

This is the debut of my pretty white coat, birthday gift from my father. Yes, he kinda knows what is stylish :)

Sand-Coloured…Mr. Green, London

I love to capture the style of the well-dressed British gentlemen!


Ana Locking, “Urban Beauty”

Ana Locking is one of my favorite spanish designers, she's creative, modern and have an unique sense of fashion. I love her prints, textures, pattrons,  and the "gift" she has pairing colors.  In this collection she shows us a spring-summer dreaming titled "Urban Beauty" with insects and flowers as the main print. It's the best print ever!  Don't forget to take a look at the accessories, they are precious.    


Remember the New Yorker shoot that I've told you about earlier? Well, a couple of days ago it went online. The pictures above are definitely my favourite ones! But you can see many more on the website of New Yorker (here) Love how they have edited the whole article! And isn't just too cool that my bf was modelling with me? Xx. Come over to the dark side we have Candy



Acne S/S 12. Perfection, like always!


I wear my elegant kimono with casual clothes in grey tones in order to obtain an urban outfit look. I love the contrast in fashion between different materials and styles . Do you like it?