a lazy sunday

An update from one of my lazy sundays. I was having a typical lazy Sunday! And boy was it nice. Love those days when it's raining outside and you can just stay in, chill on the couch and rent a bad comedy or something. Was wearing leather trousers and a loose blouse with no sleeves.


Truth to be told, hot weather does not leave much room for creativity when it comes to dressing up. My recipe - mix textures and clash colors.



I shot my lovely friend Katja before. Take a look at her winter style here. I am always impressed by her unique style and her homemade dresses.


Cloudy Day in Formentera

These pics are from one of those days that dawn cloudy and raining, you wake up and don`t know if you can go to the beach or not. But, of course you take your bikini just in case the weather gives you a chance to splash in the sea. As you see finally I am getting into the water even wearing my skirt. The best part was that  there was nobody on the beach ;) I can't end this post without mentioning the lizard, besides being the symbol of Formentera he poses as a model, he should have a blog hahaha :P XOXO. Collage Vintage

Girl crush

Source: Stockholm Streetstyle Lina Sandberg - I just love her look! And besides that she is breath taking beautiful as well!


It was extremely hot today, actually a bit too hot to wear this sweater!

Piratabus II

I give you an opportunity to see more pics from "Piratabus", this place was so amazing that I need to share all the photos with you guys! ;). XOXO. Collage Vintage