Cold summer days

Wearing my favourite sweater, it's perfect for days like today. the weather is still not how it's supposed to be in the middle of July in The Netherlands. I wish I was wearing shorts instead of jeans!


Playing with bubbles on the street? Yes!!! It's seems I'm back to childhood, also, because I am wearing a pink playsuit. I love to wear scarfs in different ways. In this occasion, I am wearing one of my vintage scarfs as a belt to adjust my waist, and give the outfit more color and dynamism. Enjoy monday!




All black

Wearing an all black outfit at Amsterdam Dam Square. Went to dinner with a couple of other bloggers (like FashionNerdic who also is part of the WhatsTrend blog-team) I had such a blast with these girls! Can't wait to see them again. Love the fact that through blogging you meet so many amazing people! Best part of blogging if you ask me! :)


Some Impressions of Hien Le

Here you can see my favorites otufits of my favorite show in Berlin - Hien Le. I love the cleanness and simplicity here.

Festival Cover

Hi!!! What's up? I updating the blog post with the flu from my sofa. Last week I had been in FIB Festival and had some awesome days there, but now I need rest for recovering. I hope update soon with more news ;).
For now I am showing you some pics with a festival outfit: denim shirt wearing as a dress, sneakers and a scarf tied around my head. Do you like it? What kind of looks do you wear to music festivals?


My life in black&white! 1. Me in the city London 2. Featured in Elle Girl Japan 3. Me on a festival 4. Love my silver nail wraps 5. New businesscards for my blog: 6. Photobooth with blogger friends 7. Together with my best friends on a festival

shake yo´tailfeather!

tried to break the romantic feel this skirt gives with my bad to the ass ZOE boots. i am kicking myself for waiting so long to get them. if you have the chance, get them girls. YOU WILL NOT REGRET. biker chic at it´s finest. haha or something like that. and yes we are wearing fall colors now since summer is just too much of a diva to show up anyway. maroon + bluegreen for the win! xoxo