Captured by ELLE

Found this photo of me on! During my stay in Florence someone who works for ELLE asked me to take some photos and this is the result! Wish I could go back to Florence, had such an amazing time over there. All though I had to be there for my blog (for 4 days) it really felt like a mini vacation!

At Fashion Week…Leni, Berlin

My lovely friend Leni. She seems to become a person I shoot regulary. But I love her style everytime. In a few days I will post another outfit of her.

PS: Summer, you suck!

dear summer, i can vividly remember the day we took these photos. the sun came out, we hopped on the car to go to my favorite spot here in my town. the next thing i know, it was gloomy & cold. then the sun came out again. gone again. and up to this day, never came back. what´s up dude? ps: you officially suck! from a very very concerned blogger, anjelica

Back to basics

I love to wear easy outfits like this one every now and then for sundays!

Streetstyle: FIB 2011

Hi!!! What's up? We start the day with some streetstyle pics that I took in FIB, an international music festival which is celebrate every summer in Benicássim (Spain). Has fama for the great bands that play in it, this year we can hear: "The Strokes", "Portishead", "Artic Monkeys", "Arcade Fire", "Primal Scream"... Have you ever been in FIB?
My favorite photo is the first one, I love her top, is so original, and her cute hat; also love the last one, nice couple. Which one is your favorite?





Wearing my new leather leggings. LOVE the cross detail! Such an unique piece if you ask me! Should wear it more often though, this was the first time that I've worn it while it was lying in my closet for months. Such a shame!


the title for today´s post is courtesy of the boy again! he told me that my outfit is so "spacey" that the only thing missing is my "BATMOBIL". hmmmm.. anyway, i am so happy about these silver litas. the black heel and the vibrant silver color kinda make them my favorite of all my pairs! how´s your monday guys? it´s gloomy, rainy and cold over here! OH SUMMER WHERE ART THOU? xoxo