Streetstyle: FIB II

Today I show you some close up pics from people in FIB. Shorts, jumpsuits, skirts, canvas & leather bags are the key for go comfortable to a music festival. I love the last pic, I need find a jumpsuit like that.


i tried to pull a barney stinson today! i am sure he´ll be proud.




Wearing my new heels. They're so beautiful, but very painfull to walk! Mayble they'll hurt less after I've worn them a few times!

Model for a day

Because of my blog every now and then I receive some really cool offers. Like this one. Modelling for a brand! Together with two other bloggers we were model for a day. Such a cool experience! I haven't seen the results yet (fingers crossed that they will turn out great) but when I receive them I will definitely show it on the blog!


Source: Vogue

While being in this 'Idon'thaveanythingtowear'-depression I find myself lookin for inspiration on the internet 24/7. Had to share my fave looks from this Balmain Resort 2012 collection. Wouldn't mind having a couple of these pieces in my closet. Like, WOW!

A night at the beach

An outfit that I had on a really hot summer day. Drove to the beach after a long day of work to get some fresh air! Love days like that!  Summer where are you now? I need you!


hello guys! this is just another one of my neon obsession post. i am pretty much crazy about it these days! immediately after i saw this candy skirt, i knew it had to be mine! ps: how cool is it that the zipper of my clutch matches my skirt PURR-fectly? ahhh! xoxo