A beanie is perfect for cold days, when actually all you really want is to stay in. But besides this, a beanie is also very stylish. And another benefit, they come in so many different styles. The ones with prints, like the ones above  from New Yorker, are great for cool looks. The knitted ones are perfect for more classy outfits!

Cornhill – Olivia, London



[ zara jumpsuit | balenciaga boots | jill sander clutch | bandhu bracelet ]
Finally it was time to wear my jumpsuit again! This time not with heels but with my beloved balenciaga boots!
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After Michael Kors – Aimee, New York


très en vogue

New Yorker pants & pullover

Some days ago I went to New Yorker to pick up some clothes of the latest fall / winter collection - and I found so many great pieces! In today’s post it is all about these cool and shiny biker pants and this beautiful sweater. Did you notice that the print is in rose gold? I am obsessed with everything in rose gold and copper, so of course I had to have this sweater. Combined with my favorite everyday bag and copper slip ons I really like this look. Like the sweater says it’s „très en vogue“ :)


NEW YORKER Small bags; 9,95 EUR, 16,95 EUR, 14,95 EUR, 16,95 EUR

We all have one in our bag collection. A small bag which is easy to bring everywhere with you and it doesn't distract you or doesn't bother you when you want to have both hands and arms free. Above is a summary of some of my favourites from the New Yorker....